Sunday, September 2, 2018

Downtown Aquarium

The Salleys invited us to join them for a day at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. We were really excited to spend the day with friends and visit the aquarium. It was quite the comedy of errors with our GPS failing to navigate us anywhere this day, but we eventually made it! It was our first time going and we had a great time. Some of the highlights were the flash flood simulator, the mermaid show and touching the sting rays. It reminded me of visiting aquariums in San Francisco and Monterey Bay when we lived in California and how quickly time is passing. I'm grateful for these kids and each of the stages we go through. Some of these stages are definitely more enjoyable than others, but I am grateful for the stages and what a fun one we are in right now.

We stopped with Salleys at McDonald's for lunch and an ice cream cone (after more navigation difficulties). Evidently, there was just too much playing to be done and not enough ice cream-licking time.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Gymnastics Camp

Emma joined her friend, Milly, at a 4-day gymnastics camp and absolutely loved it. It was pretty funny to hear their chatter about the new exercises they were learning. Cute friends.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Outdoor Adventure-Meadows Ward YW

Bryan helped me plan and execute this 2-night, 3-day adventure with the young women, 14-years-old and older, in our ward. Many others also contributed time and other means (watching our kids) to make this happen, but without Bryan I never would have got this off the ground. Our first day we went boating with our Bishop at Chatfield Reservoir along with paddle boards on the beach.  After a day of boating, we headed up to Granby to stay in the timeshares. We played games, ate dinner, played more games, hot tubbed and had a devotional. It was semi-early to bed in order to wake up early the next morning for our hike.

We hiked to Crater Lake with fishing and huckleberry picking along the way. Round trip mileage was close to 15 miles. It was not an easy hike, but the girls did awesome. Bryan was our true sherpa as he carried a few packs the last couple of miles (the hardest miles!). I loved having Bryan along on this whole adventure. So often, he is the one that stays with our kids so I can fulfill my calling with the YW. Having him along just made everything easier and better. I valued that time with the YW and having Bryan there was an enormous cherry on top.

After our hike out, we bridge jumped, grabbed a bite to eat and dropped the girls off at home. There were lots of moving pieces to make these 3 days happen. Love serving the YW of our ward--these are some incredible girls!

Marzos sent me pics while we were away. It would appear that our kids had a great time while we were gone. Although, Myles' cold did get worse...and turned into beginning stages of pneumonia. Hopefully we're still friends. :)