Friday, August 17, 2018

Utah Day 4

Day 4 in Utah happened to coincided with the 4th of July and we partied it up with family. Bryan's brother, Rick, has prime real estate in Kaysville for the city's parade. Besides having the parade right along their street, they served up cotton candy, snow cones, inflatable water slides, a delicious BBQ and everyone had a great time.
After the parade and BBQ we stopped by to see Bryan's grandma in Salt Lake City. It was a great visit and our kids played so quietly and even took turns sharing without us prompting them (I'm convinced that angels were with us). She is our only living grandparent between Bryan and me. She is still living on her own and mentally sharp with a quick wit. We were grateful for the time with her.
Our next stop was with Dave, my brother, and his family in West Jordan. We took a tour of their new home and went to the neighborhood swimming pool. It was fun to watch the cousins playing together. Katelyn, who is 16-years-old, was very sweet to Emma. Emma still has her polaroid pic in her bedroom from the time with Katelyn. We hung out, BBQ'd and left to catch fireworks back in Brigham City. We wished we could stay longer, but we were a little worried what traffic might be like later and Bryan had to be up and out the door early the next day. We enjoyed the Brigham City fireworks from my parents' porch and then the simplicity of being able to tuck the kids into bed 5 minutes after was amazing. Pretty great not fighting any crowds or parking lots.
We loved spending this day with as much family as we did.

Check out this stud picking up on me at the pool.

I'm realizing that my photos are pretty hit and miss with our events of the trip. New resolution to take more pics of the people we are with next time! However, there is also something to be said about just enjoying the time together--balance.

Utah Day 3

We slowed way down this day and enjoyed a much more relaxed pace. The morning was cool and overcast. We hung out in my parents' backyard and my dad was a good sport and pitched countless balls to Luke. Bryan and I headed over to Logan in the afternoon to have my ring cleaned and make a stop at Charlie's Ice Cream (move over Aggie Cream, this place is delicious). My parents were brave and took not only Luke, Emma and Myles to the movies, but invited their cousins, Morgan and Sadie, to join them while we were in Logan.

In the evening, we went out to my Grandparent's Farm where my cousin and his family now live. It brought back waves of nostalgia with wonderful memories. I'm forever blessed because of family.

This one is for you, Mom.

We popped into Tom's place and Myles took a turn on the power wheel--imitating his Uncle's driving.

Utah Day 1-2

We left Trapper's Lake, after the kids slept in a l-o-n-g time, and headed for the next stop of our Summer Trip: Utah. We missed Baby Jack's blessing by a few hours, but were still able to catch up with family and finally meet that sweet baby!

The next day was our Lagoon Day! The kids were so pumped. Emma and Luke kept telling Myles all of the wonderful things about Lagoon and prepped him on how to ride the "roller toasters." Bryan and I were drugged up on ibuprofen and I took an extra dramamine to prepare ourselves for all of the fun! It was a hot day, but thankfully most of the lines were in the shade and seemed to be moving fairly quickly. I stayed with the younger kids and Bryan went with the older crowd since he can tolerate way more than I can! We caught the water park for about 1.5 hours before it closed and I loved doing it this way. Luke and I went down water slide after slide with zero lines. It was a little cooler, but running the stairs to the top helped to keep us warm. We're positive Emma will be tall enough next time to do more of the water park.

This last picture of Myles sums up how one might feel after a day at Lagoon. "It's what fun is!"