Saturday, May 19, 2018

Luke's Spring Sports

Luke played soccer and tried out the running club at school, Land Sharks, this Spring.

He continues to crack me up with his "rocket leg" in soccer. He excelled when he played goalie in one of his games, managed to score a goal from mid-field and improved as a team player.

He was only able to truly race at one out of three of his meets due to feeling sick and the other being on a Sunday. We ate at Freddy's before his meet (I know, poor judgement on my end), but I justified it because Luke told me he was running the shorter distances. Well, at the meet, he decided to go for the mile. I was shocked and feeling so guilty about our choice of dinner! He ran it in a little over 8 minutes. He told me, "Yeah, I felt pretty good. I only gagged once!" Oh Luke, sorry bud. Mom fail for sure on that one.

I failed to take a pic of these teammates on the field, but they did have some pretty good laughs in our carpool to and from practices.

Emma and Myles supporting on the side lines.

Sunday Best

We (Kelly, Elizabeth and I) planned to have each of our daughter's wear their traditional Austrian dresses that we bought for them on our trip to Europe on the same Sunday. I love their cuteness.

Field Trips

Emma and Luke both had field trips with their classes from school. I went on Luke's field trip to The Denver Museum of Nature and Science as a chaperone (which means no siblings and the bus ride to and from). It was a fun, chaotic time. Emma's field trip took them to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. I opted to meet them there so I could bring Myles with me. It was a beautiful day and Myles felt like such a big kid to be with Emma and her classmates. I can't believe that Emma will be gone all day next year at school. We will miss having her around the home in the morning!

Birthday Weekend

We postponed our overnight babysitting with the Cramers to let Bryan's leg heal (from when he hurt it at Steamboat Springs a few months ago) and cashed it in on my birthday weekend. Bryan and I skied Winter Park a couple of "half days" and stayed over at his parents' timeshares in Granby. Winter Park received a ton of snow! It was a heavy, wet snow, but it was still so much fun! I felt very loved and spoiled from friends and family near and far.

My friends and family know me (and my sweet tooth) so well!

Friday, May 18, 2018

General Conference and Easter Weekend

It is quite the weekend when General Conference and Easter fall on the same day!  There were some big announcements made this General Conference that caused quite the buzz amongst us Mormons! I love being a member of the LDS church whose foundation never changes because it is built upon prophets and apostles with Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone, but revelation is occurs and we have a living prophet who acts upon those promptings. I challenged the young women to write down a question and to pray for an answer to that question as they listened to General Conference; I did the same. I felt that the answer to my question was answered a few times-such a testimony builder to know that each of us are capable of receiving our own personal revelation. I will never forget how I felt when the choir sang, "He is Risen" on Easter Sunday. I don't usually use the blog as a medium to bear my testimony, but I was so moved when I heard that hymn-I know that Jesus Christ lives and the incredible promises that brings for each of us.

Fancy Easter Dinner with the Cramers.

My contribution to the dinner and some dessert. These rolls are heaven and quite easy to make.

The after party.

Young Women

I have been serving as the Young Women's President in our ward for the past 8 months. It is a busy calling, but I have wonderful women serving with me. We have 24 young women that keep me on my toes. At the end of this year, we will have 22 Beehives, just Beehives! That's a whole YW organization by itself! I have genuinely loved serving them and getting to know these girls. Being with the youth is a fun place to be in our church. I sometimes need to remind myself that I am a leader and maybe shouldn't cannon ball into the pool at Youth Conference. Maybe I'll mature more in this next year, highly unlikely. In complete honesty, it is also the hardest calling I've ever accepted and has stretched my emotional capacity at times. Thank goodness for Bryan who is extremely supportive. As he refers to himself, "The FIRST assistant to the President." He helps me laugh about things that otherwise might have the opposite effect on me! :)

We did a "Bob Ross" activity for one of our mutuals. I set it up in the basement and most of the priests and laurels were pretty into it, considering their art supplies were a little sub par compared to what Bob was using. Luke and Emma judged the artwork and picked the winners. The YM president awarded the winners Bob Ross shirts, it was hilarious. Fun night with the youth.

Christina's Wedding

I drove back to Salt Lake City with Steve from Goblin Valley to catch a friend's wedding, while Bryan headed home with the kids. It was nice to have a bonus day with my mom. We filled it with shopping, chatting and yummy food. I have not had a day like that with my mom since, well, I cannot say...years and years!! Love this woman who is my constant supporter, therapist, best friend and just happens to also be my mom.
Christina and I have been friends since elementary school. We are definitely two different people and have not always seen eye to eye, and still don't on some things, but we are always a friend first to each other. I was thrilled for her to find happiness with Malone. Her wedding was wonderful and I can honestly say I think this is the happiest I have ever seen here. Love this friend who has become an incredibly strong and fierce woman and mom. She is an example to me of hard work and perseverance. I hope nothing but the best for her!