Saturday, May 19, 2018

Luke's Spring Sports

Luke played soccer and tried out the running club at school, Land Sharks, this Spring.

He continues to crack me up with his "rocket leg" in soccer. He excelled when he played goalie in one of his games, managed to score a goal from mid-field and improved as a team player.

He was only able to truly race at one out of three of his meets due to feeling sick and the other being on a Sunday. We ate at Freddy's before his meet (I know, poor judgement on my end), but I justified it because Luke told me he was running the shorter distances. Well, at the meet, he decided to go for the mile. I was shocked and feeling so guilty about our choice of dinner! He ran it in a little over 8 minutes. He told me, "Yeah, I felt pretty good. I only gagged once!" Oh Luke, sorry bud. Mom fail for sure on that one.

I failed to take a pic of these teammates on the field, but they did have some pretty good laughs in our carpool to and from practices.

Emma and Myles supporting on the side lines.

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