Thursday, March 29, 2018

Winter Park with Luke and Emma

My friend, Kelly, and I worked out a babysitting ski swap with our 3-year-olds so we could take the older two kids skiing. I let Luke and Emma skip school and we avoided all of the ski traffic on I-70 as we headed up to Winter Park. After learning a few more tricks of where to park and catch a shuttle, "encouraging" an attitude adjustment with one of my kids, we skied one run and then stopped for lunch. Insert exhausted sigh... Ha! It was such a pleasant, blue bird day that we ate our lunch outside and watched a continuous line of skiers take impressive lines down the moguls and throw in a few jumps that made the kids eyes about pop out of their sockets. It's amazing what food and some sunshine can do for each of our moods in this family. After lunch, we explored the north side of Winter Park. We found a few runs that the kids loved. Dilly Dally Alley was probably the favorite. Luke was extremely excited for Emma when he discovered it was a blue run, "Emma you survived your first blue run!" These kids, they are spoiled.

Can you spot Luke?

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