Monday, February 26, 2018

Estes Park

We took advantage of the long, holiday weekend over President's Day and went up to Estes Park. We skied at Eldora on our way to and from Estes Park. This resort is perfect for families with young kids. We could park right next to the lifts. No trail of tears afterwards when you have exhausted kids and it's still a 20-25 minute walk to the car. Popped off the skis and walked 20-25 paces and we were at the car.

The first day, Myles was not feeling the fun of skiing, so Bryan manned Myles while I took the other two. Bryan and Myles cruised the bus around the parking lot and got to know the driver fairly well, found a sledding hill and hung out in the car.

Luke and Emma did really well. They can cruise the greens easily. It has taken a lot of effort to reach this point! It was fun to watch them cruise through the tent/teepee and start racing each other down the slopes. As we were about to get off the chairlift, the skiers in front of us lost a ski right where we needed to get off. The lift kept going and we did our best to avoid the ski by staying on little longer. Well, Emma ended up staying on a little too long as I was distracted by the ski and by the time I tried to convince her to jump off the chair, it was too late. She was too little so her legs didn't hit the red bar and the lifty was most likely high as a kite. Luckily, whether from my screaming and jumping to stop the lift or he heard Emma's shrill screaming, he stopped it just in time. I exchanged a few choice words with the lifty, as only a concerned mother would articulate so well. I managed to calm Emma down and helped her realize what we could do differently next time and had a great rest of the day.

At the timeshare, we hot tubbed, gamed it up, watched the Olympics, went to the river and threw rocks in, visited the local branch for church and woke up waaaay to early. We need to start packing sleeping pills for our kids.

Myles loving some of the perks of potty training.

Fine dining.

Emma got a little creative with my lipstick during Sacrament meeting.

Monday was our most successful ski day as a family. I was able to convince Myles to let me put his backpack/leash on him and THAT was a game changer! Not having to hold a perma-squat with him between your legs is a nice break! Bryan definitely skied with him more in that stance, because I'm not strong enough to last one or two runs like that!  I was still full-on sweating getting him on and off the lift and managing everything in-between, but I looked and Luke and Emma and reminded myself that eventually, it will be worth it...eventually!

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