Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday this year. I love that it was on Sunday. We had such a nice Sacrament meeting filled with a variety of musical numbers and the congregation singing along. It was easy to feel the spirit and remember the Savior and think about how the world was about to receive the best gift many years ago.

Our traditional (not so traditional) picture in front of the Christmas Tree in our Sunday best. Love these three.

The kids were in full, Christmas excitement mode. Bryan and I loved it. We delivered our last 12 days of Christmas to a family. The kids were awesome helpers this year from dropping things off to reminding me if we hadn't done it yet that day. As part of our Christmas Eve, we made sugar cookies for Santa and prepped for our Family Party that night.

The kids each opened up a set of new pajamas, a few new family games (Battle Ship and Bey Blades) and a movie. We dined on our favorite appetizers, played lots of games while watching the movie. Once the party was wrapping up, we set out cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. We highlighted the night by singing a few Christmas songs and reading the Christmas story from the Bible. We tucked the kids in and waited for the magic to begin.

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