Sunday, August 27, 2017

1st Day!

The kids were all smiles on their first day back-to-school. We have a few families in the neighborhood that we walk with to school. Quite the great childhood and life for all of us! I barely got a hug in before Luke ran into the school. Emma is in afternoon kindergarten. It is proving to be a good thing as our sleeping beauty is getting up well after 8 AM. We walked to the school again for her drop off at 12:30. She kept telling me she wasn't nervous at all. I almost believed her until we walked into the school. As we walked down the hallway to her classroom, her grip tightened on my hand and she scooted in closer to me. However, with a brief reassurance from me, she walked in confidently to the classroom and jumped right into the puzzles. It helps having one of her good friends, Milly, in her class.

Heading to pick up the kids. Myles thinks he is too cool for school.

The best part of the first day of school?? Receiving a copy of the picture below from Emma's teacher. I could not quit giggling. When I asked Emma why she wasn't smiling, she responded, they didn't tell me to smile! Ha! Oh Emma...despite this picture, she told me she had a GREAT first day! :)

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  1. That picture is too good! You should submit it to the yearbook