Thursday, July 6, 2017

Skate Park

I've promised the kids I would take them to the skate park for a loooong time.  I finally made good on this promise. We loaded up the car with a bike, a scooter and makeshift wiggle car. Myles was in a funk and not having any of it. Luke was loving the hills and making a new friend. Emma was content to hang out by me. It felt so crazy to me trying to manage three kids, all on wheels. Myles turned the corner for the last 45 minutes and it was truly enjoyable. However, I have zero desire to return unless Bryan is accompanying or it's 5 years down the road.

Emma tearing it up on her Dora scooter.

We stopped for a slushee at Maverick to help cool these guys off and put me in a better mood. It worked on all accounts!

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