Thursday, July 6, 2017

Father's Day Weekend

Bryan took the kids on a short backpack-in camping trip while I did the 14ers with the ladies the day before Father's Day. He is a wonderful father. I hope these kids realize (at some point) how incredible their dad is, because I think they're pretty clueless how good they have it. We tried to spoil Bryan with a breakfast packed full of meat, kind notes, a gift and letting him provide the main course for dinner. :) He is dialed on the Traeger and we enjoy most of our Sunday dinners' main course from his culinary skills.

One of the young men from our church went along on the camping trip. I told Bryan he probably had more fun without me going. :)

I can't help myself and start singing, "Every single one of us, the devil inside...the devil inside.." every time I see this picture!

A few pics capturing what an awesome, supportive dad Bryan is to these three lucky kids.

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