Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ColoRADo 14ers

I checked two more summits off my 14er's list: Grays and Torreys. Two friends joined me and it made it so much fun. We were on the road by 4 AM and home by 5 PM. Both of them experienced some altitude sickness on the hike. They were tough chicas and kept going. It was ridiculously windy and especially once we were above tree line, not much to block the wind at that point. I read ahead of time that there were a few "snow patches" on the trail. It was more like snow FIELDS. A few times, it felt scary with the wind and slippery footing, but we all made it up and back safely. I ran into one of my cub scouts from years ago on the trail who is now taller than me! Pretty random and funny coincidence.

Just a little snow patch.

Yep, still have my slap-stick humor and couldn't quit laughing about my hiking friends slipping and sliding down the mountain. 

We stopped off at BeauJos pizza for a delicious meal on our way home. Loved spending time in the mountains and accomplishing a goal with good friends.

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