Saturday, July 29, 2017

KR2017: Day 4

We divided and conquered this day. Some of us headed to Mesa Falls and fed the fish at Warm River. Others went back to West Yellowstone to a bear exhibit.

The Mesa Falls hike is more of a stroll----perfect for our tired, temper-tantrum throwing two-year-old. Beautiful scenery just a few hundred yards away from the parking lot. The unexpected highlight was feeding the fish in the river on our way home. They were HUGE! We swung through the Frostop for lunch and it tasted deeeelicious.

Once we were back together at the cabin, we played water baseball. Water baseball ALWAYS leads to a water fight. We were ready with over 800 water balloons. Oh yeah! Some of the nieces and nephews weren't too thrilled when a balloon popped on them, so like any good family, we taught them the art of revenge. :)

 Rounding out the night at the lake and 4-wheeler trails.

KR2017: Day 3

Today was Mikelle's 18th Birthday. She was such a good sport on her big day. We celebrated with decorations and cake later in the day. We hung around the cabin in the morning and then floated the Warm River in the afternoon. It proved to be a very mild 2 hour float, but we still managed to lose several pairs of flip-flops. My favorite memory of the float was when one of my nephews missed the take-out spot because he fell asleep in his tube! ha! I manned the raft with the littles, but ended up switching out a few of the kids.


"Hip-Hip HOORAY!"

My parents planned a devotional for each day. Sadly, we didn't make it happen every day, but my kids still talk about "Name that Cousin!" I loved getting everyone together and am hopeful at the next reunion to have a little more visit time for the adults.

Myles unwinding after a big day.

Several of us went outside late this night and admired the night sky covered in stars. We saw several shooting stars. The funniest part was Dan pointing out stars/satellites/constellations to Mikelle and each time he would say, "Look straight up!" Well, that didn't really narrow it down too much. :) We had some laughs and a good visit before calling it a night.