Thursday, June 22, 2017

Utah: Final Day

We played a little more and then packed it up. The kids did great on the travels and I found myself wishing I would have brought something for myself on the airplane, but then I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing.

Utah: Day 6

We tossed around a few ideas of what to do on our last day. We ended up setting up the water blow-up slide. A few neighbor kids enjoyed the fun, too. We had a wonderful time and it felt like the perfect ending to our trip. I was feeling the effects of lack of sleep, a cold/allergy combo and no Bryan. So many fun days (with a few bumps-quite literal) but I was looking forward to being home.

I will be rocking this look for Summer while my face gets put back together again.

Myles and I were wiped out.

Utah: Day 5

After a rocky start to the day, we rallied and ventured to a splash pad and park in Ogden. We were happy that Staci and the girls could join us. It was a good picnic and felt nice to be enjoying the beautiful weather that Utah was having.

The kids made cute notes for me, with my mom's assistance, to help me feel better about my lip.

I realized I didn't get a pic of Emma or Sadie. They pal'd around together, but I'm not sure why I didn't manage to get a picture taken! I was trying to stay out of the sun because of my dang stitches, so maybe that was part of the reason.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Utah: Day 4

My mom and I loaded up the kids and drove over to Logan to try out a different park for our picnic. The temps rose quickly, but the kids still loved exploring and playing on the playground. Once we were all exhausted, we made a stop by the beloved "Charlie's" and ordered us a brownie caramel milkshake. It was delicious and hit the spot on such a hot day.

Late that night, I was watching a show on our big iPad in bed. When I went to put it away on the headboard, I somehow managed to drop/throw the iPad at my face. I felt my lip and instantly could feel that it was separated. Cursing, I went to the bathroom to assess the damage. With one glance I knew it needed stitches. In a panic, I called my brother, Dave, who lives over an hour away to seek his help. (Bryan was backpacking and did not have cell service.) Dave talked me off the edge and I drove myself to the Brigham City ER. A few hours later I went home with 8 stitches and feeling like the village idiot. Soooo...friendly PSA: Don't watch a show on your huge iPad (without a cover), in bed and when you're exhausted. Turns out it could land you in the ER!!!

Channeling my inner "Hitler" with my stitches. Emma kept telling me I looked creepy. :) Yeah, it wasn't my best look.

Utah: Day 3

We went to Sacrament meeting with my parents and then headed back to play with cousins (and later learned that we were infecting all of them!). We had a BBQ that night at my parents' home. A couple of my nephews are really into baseball. Peyton was a good sport and played with Myles in the backyard. Myles loved the attention from his cousin. After dinner, we visited my Grandma and Grandpa Munns' gravesite. We said goodbye to Bryan as he caught a ride with my brother, Dave, to the airport and headed back home to Colorado to work. How grateful I am for family.

Utah: Day 2

We left Myles with Grandma and Grandpa and headed to Lagoon this day. On our way down, we stopped at Bryan's brother, Rick's, home. We met cute Austin for the first time. We loved on that sweet baby and played with Lainey and their dog, Annie. I always wish we had more time. It was great to see them.
We had an action packed day at Lagoon. We did some rides together as a family, but also split up so Bryan and Luke could go on some of the more intense rides. I think Emma would have been right there with them, but that height requirement stopped her. I loved that Luke would go on these crazy rides and still have fun on the kiddie rides. Staci also came down with Sadie for the day. Emma loved riding with her cousin and I always enjoy having Staci around.

 Back at Grandma's and Grandpa's it looked like Myles wasn't missing us one bit! Thanks for watching him!