Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Roly-Polie Hunt

On our way back from dropping Luke and Charlie off at school, I noticed a ton of roly-polies or potato bugs on a particular stretch of sidewalk. We were short on time that morning, but I promised Emma we would come back another morning. I made good on my promise yesterday morning. Emma and Myles easily caught 10-15 bugs. Emma's friends had a "family of them" and, as the story goes, her friend's little brother knocked over the cage and they all escaped. Emma wanted to give them to Milly to help her feel happy. I called my friend and asked if this would be okay...haha! She was a good sport about it and Emma loved giving them to her friend (me too!).

Mother's Day

I simply felt loved on Mother's Day. Bryan gave me the day off of cooking by making me amazing meals. The kids showered me with homemade gifts that melted my heart and made me feel like I might be doing okay at this mom-thing...that feeling lasted for 5 minutes. :)
My heart really was so full of gratitude for women that have played a role in supporting me and now my family. From my mother, mother-in-law, aunts, cousins, sister-in-laws, friends, neighbors and even the stranger at the grocery store that offers a kind smile instead of a scowl when my 2-year-old is throwing a tantrum...I'm beginning to realize how powerful we can be when we look to support each other and not look down to judge one another. I'm a pretty firm believer that when it comes to being a mom, most of us are trying our very best.
The other night, I was talking to my mom about an activity they did for their youth at church. It was a career night. As each person talked about their job, whether it was a judge, police officer or social worker, each of them concluded at the end, "But my most important job is that of being a father/mother." I felt that tightness in my throat and tears in my eyes when she shared this. I have worked on and off while being a mom. Lately, quite a bit more. I find enjoyment from these other jobs. However, I find the most happiness and know that my most important job is that of being a mother. I am blessed to be one. I love Luke, Emma and Myles with my whole heart. Anxiety, gray hairs and wrinkles have increased with that love, but I realize that is part of giving my heart to these kids. It is worth it.

Apparently, Luke thinks I'm balding and I like to wear my hair in pigtails. I loved it like only a mother would.

My favorite arrangement of flowers.

"I love my mom."

The nursery leaders were cute and helped Myles make this for me.

Did I mention one of my love languages is "feed me"???
For dinner he served tri-tip steak off the smoker with mashed potatoes, asparagus and kool-aid gushers to complete the meal. By everyone's standards, it was delicious.

 I realized I hadn't take one picture with my kids on Mother's Day and according to social media, that was borderline sacrilegious. Bryan snapped a few before bed and it captured our crazy...our every day...and my tired eyes. :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Spring is such a tease in Colorado. Bryan reminds me every year that our snowiest months are March and April. I guess it balances out those 60 degree days that randomly occur in the middle of winter. We are trying to take advantage of the good days and love being outside. Did I mention that they're calling for more snow this weekend??? Bring on the sunshine.

We continue our babysitting co-op with the Marzos. Each couple goes out once a month while the other couple does dinner and bed with the kids. The kids love this arrangement and so do we. Also, to the concerned eye, Bryan is right next to Myles, but he was cropped out of the pic. We did have some element of parental supervision and safety.

Engineers hard work constructing a lemonade stand.

Love the trail behind our home that leads up behind the golf course. It's almost time to start the morning/evening golf ball hunts again. I guarantee that Luke's excitement matches that of Bryan's. 

Wolf Run

Luke's school, Aspen View Academy, held their Wolf Run a few weeks ago. It was a hot, HOT day! Luke was excited to run and told me several times how much me loved the poster I made for him. He even noticed the italicized FAST and said he liked how it made the word look fast. He logged 32 laps (2 miles). He was pretty speedy and I enjoyed being there to cheer him on. His siblings were also there, but I put Myles on lockdown in the stroller. Way to go, Luke!

Emma and Milly showed up dressed very similar. Such sweet friends.

Luke's Music Program

Luke's Kindergarten music program was short and sweet. So short that it was almost comical. However, I much prefer this time frame over long and drawn out. Luke was making me smile at the performance. He was pretty shy about singing and doing the actions. He would strategically place his head behind the girl in front of him. It's been a fun year at his school. We greatly appreciate his teacher and others that helped him learn so much this year.

The Coppin Crew

It was our turn to watch our friends' kids while they escaped on their couple's trip. We enjoyed having their kids for the weekend. We don't see them nearly as often as we use to now that our kids are going to different schools. Last year when we watched them we had a whopper snow storm. This year, it wasn't as much of a blizzard, but it still dumped quite a bit of snow for late April! We were prepared this time with lots of snow gear. Props to Bryan who handled the kids on his own for a few hours until I made it home from my business trip.

Everyone had a buddy to play with.
Luke and Parker are within 2 months of each other. 
Emma and Kennedy: 4 months. 
Oakley and Myles: 1 month. 
Whitney is due in June and needless to say, we will not be continuing this trend of having our babies close together. Cute kiddos.

Monday, May 15, 2017

American Gladiators

Bryan is one of the leaders at our church for the Young Men's program. He genuinely enjoys working with the youth. He saw one of his friends orchestrate and pull off an American Gladiator night for their youth (thank you Devin) and pulled off a similar night here. I think the adults and youth enjoyed it...with the adults possibly enjoying it the most. The Bishop visibly enjoyed landing a few of his shots on his sons.

Sharing a Room

Out of desperation, we moved Myles into Luke's room to see if it would help Myles to sleep any better. Even as I type this I realize, what were we thinking?!? Again, we were desperate. While no one is magically sleeping in every morning, these two boys of ours are sure enjoying sharing a room. Myles can definitely drive Luke a little crazy. One night, Bryan went to check on them and Myles had crawled into Luke's bed and was driving his train all over Luke's face. Luke was dead-fast asleep. Another night, Bryan found Myles snuggled up to Luke and Luke was wide awake. He gave Bryan a thumbs up and softly explained, "He sleeps better this way." The newness has since died down and Myles stays in his own bed for most nights. I wonder how long they will think it's fun to share a room.

Kindergarten Registration

Emma had her Kindergarten registration and did so well. I felt like someone needed to shake my shoulders and explain to me how my baby girl is old enough to be in kindergarten in the Fall! She is confident, adventurous, kind and ready for this next step. Now, if I could just get my heart to understand that!


Our Easter Bunny usually visits on Saturday and we enjoy a more peaceful Sabbath Day. However, this year, someone slipped the Easter Bunny a note that the boys were gone on a trip so it held out until Sunday. I think we learned we prefer the Easter bunny visit on Saturday when possible. Nonetheless, we enjoyed a beautiful Easter Sunday.