Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mexico: Day 1

We saved our pennies and counted down to this vacation for many months! The kids were most excited to swim and play at the beach. I was most excited for 80 degree weather and no schedule!
The flight is relatively quick being just 3-hours and non-stop. Luke and Emma are easy to travel with and I love their excitement to go through the airport. Myles is getting easier, but I wouldn't say the same of him just yet. :) After checking our bags, Luke exclaimed, "Yes! Security is next! My favorite!" People within ear shot (which happened to be quite a few) got a good laugh. I don't think those words have ever been spoken in sincerity.

Waaaay too many questions following this "enlightening" reading. 

Bryan manned Myles on the way down. We're too big to fit in one row so we divided up this way.  I'd give him a B+.

We were excited to make it to our condo. It was even better than the pictures! Perfect for our two families. We put Myles down for a nap, Bryan finished up some work emails and I took Luke and Emma down to the pool to meet up with McNeils. The pool was beautiful and the kids jumped right in. We stayed for a little while then Kelly and I caught a taxi and headed to the local Walmart and Sam's (right next to each other). It was very convenient. We loaded up our carts, stuffed the trunk full and almost made it back to the correct condo tower. :)

We ended up strolling the pool grounds, upsetting the doorman by taking these carts on his lobby floor and knocking on some poor woman's door to help us find the right 15A. It was hilarious and made for some good memories.

There was some serious hanger from the smiliest one before he had food in his hand.

Bryan and Devin on the balcony trying to spot the alligator or was it a crocodile(?) that Talon (McNeil's 8-year-old) found the day before.

Can you spot him?

After dinner, we headed down to the beach.

We stayed until dark. I was so content. I loved hearing the giggles from the kids as the waves rolled in.

These two were buddies with their seashell bags and chasing each other on the beach.

The cherry on top of the first day was when the fireworks went off close to our balcony. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dr. Seuss Day

Emma celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday at preschool with "Wacky Wednesday." They could wear their clothes silly and have crazy hair. At first, Emma requested big spikes for her hair. Evaluating my hair products and her length of hair I didn't think this would be feasible. Luckily, she was just as excited about hair do #2.

ENT Visit

We had a regular follow-up with Myles' ENT doctor.  Good news: tubes lasted close to 18 months (usual is 6-9 months) and his hearing is good. Not-so good news: one eardrum is "retracting" and the other eardrum had fluid behind it. We're crossing our fingers we can get through Spring without tubes...but we're already on our 2nd round of antibiotics for an ear infection. This kid! Good thing he is so stinkin' cute.

I love it when the assistant/nurse tells me, "The doctor will be in shortly." Umm....could you please define "shortly" because if it's going to be longer than 2 minutes, I'm going to need a straight jacket for my 2-year-old. :)

Rec Center

We used our Rec Center pass this Winter more than any other year. We were at the pool several evenings a week and occasionally during the daytime. I caught some early morning workout classes with a friend several times a week--always easier with a friend! We loved having this pass and breaking up some long Winter days.

After a few months of requiring Bryan or me to go down the slide with him, Myles braved it and did it on his own...with the occasional "boost" from a loving sibling. :)

Emma also became much more comfortable in the water. I don't think we're quite ready for swim team, but she made great improvements!