Wednesday, July 12, 2017


 We've hit our halfway mark of attending the temple together each month this year. July is going to be our hardest month with temple closures and vacations. I've loved these nights together.

New Splash Pad/Park

We tried out a new-to-us splash pad. The kids loved bouncing around to the different areas of the park. It was fairly busy, but still manageable.

Myles likes to wrestle wherever we go. Luckily, it was Luke this time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

SUP Date

I purchased a Groupon to try out glow in the dark SUP at Chatfield Reservoir for a date night. A few friends doubled with us and it made for a night. None of us were brave enough to take our phone/camera on the paddle board. Everyone managed to stay dry, but I still wouldn't risk taking my phone if we did this again. It was a beautiful, calm evening. The only thing I would change? I would wear bug spray next time. :)

Janna & Matt                                        Us                                      Kelly and Devin

Zoo with Cramers

It was suppose to be unusually cool weather so we thought we would take advantage of the day at the zoo with our friends. As it turns out, half of Denver metro had the same idea. Even with the crowds, it was a great day. We love exploring the zoo and the only thing that makes it better is when friends can join us! Crazy that we use to be a party of 4 and now we're a party of 8 when these two families visit the zoo together.

The crew...

plus one! She is an angel baby and didn't make one peep the entire day!

Myles just waiting for Samantha to get big enough to have a buddy. I can be pretty good at helping my kids to "capture the moment" but this was completely all on their own.

Love that they still get excited for the train ride.

Myles was hands-down the most excited one. He is so much fun when he isn't being a little two-year-old tyrant. :)

Cramers mentioned they were going to stop by Voodoo Doughnuts on their way home. We thought this was an excellent idea, especially because this would be our first time trying them out.

Myles was diggin' the donut joint. I felt way out of place and definitely no where near the cool level of all the hipster apparel that was surrounding me.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fort-Making Kind of Afternoon

We were rained out at the swimming pool one afternoon. We came home and decided to invite our favorite neighbors over a movie in a fort. The pictures are not the best, but these kids are living quite the childhood by having such great friends as next door neighbors.

Luke played a good host and set up their concessions stand.

I know, great pic, but it makes me smile. :)

Coach Pitch

Luke wanted to continue on with baseball. He is on a coach-pitch team with lots of buddies. He has the same coach from last year and we appreciate how awesome he is with the kids. Luke has tasted some of the victories and defeats that come with playing the game. It's been hard for him, but good lessons are being learned (I hope).

GOOOO Raptors #12!

Skate Park

I've promised the kids I would take them to the skate park for a loooong time.  I finally made good on this promise. We loaded up the car with a bike, a scooter and makeshift wiggle car. Myles was in a funk and not having any of it. Luke was loving the hills and making a new friend. Emma was content to hang out by me. It felt so crazy to me trying to manage three kids, all on wheels. Myles turned the corner for the last 45 minutes and it was truly enjoyable. However, I have zero desire to return unless Bryan is accompanying or it's 5 years down the road.

Emma tearing it up on her Dora scooter.

We stopped for a slushee at Maverick to help cool these guys off and put me in a better mood. It worked on all accounts!