Friday, December 30, 2016


Thanks again to Bryan's parents, we enjoyed a discounted, fabulous get-a-way to Granby. We stayed in a 4 bedroom casita timeshare and were pleasantly surprised how nice and roomy it was. It was the perfect fit for a larger group. The Marzo family joined us at the timeshare and the Pedersens were able to meet up with us for a fun time together.  We were a hot tubbing, skiing, sledding, hot tubbing some more, eating lots of yummy food, playing games crew. We're already thinking we need to plan a return trip.

Resting up for lots of fun the next day.

We left this guy with the Marzos while we skied the morning and then watched their little guy while they skied in the afternoon with their kids. Granby Ranch is 5 minutes from the timeshare. Extremely convenient. 

Luke was excited and ready to try skiing on his own (without the leash/harness).

He did well and was cruising pretty good after a few runs.

Emma was all about "the experience." She did a few runs on the magic carpet, a few more on the bunny hill and then chilled at the lodge with Bryan or me. 

Snack time included making letters out of granola bars.

Later that night, the kids enjoyed the perfect sledding hill right behind where we were staying.

These two were inseparable. Ethan and Luke were always moving so fast that it was difficult to capture a picture of the boys!

Myles and his cheese face.

Mr. Myles needed a little alone time. 

We went to Grand Lake for a very impressive and fun sledding hill. We pulled off the highway and into a town with snow packed roads, huge icicles from the rooftops and snow-covered trees that made it feel like we were in a Christmas card! The Pedersens spend lots of time in this area of Colorado and were our local experts. I'm embarrassed that I didn't take ONE group picture. We were having too much fun to stop and hold still. 

Gorgeous view from the top.

Luke liked blazing a new trail.

The girls were fearless on the sledding hill.

When Mom is watching, this is how the girls sled down the mountain.

When I wasn't watching, this occurred. Thankfully, everyone was okay and the girls were begging to go again! 

This cute baby is all smiles. We loved watching this handsome guy while his family skied.

On our way home, we stopped for a few treats/drinks. As if I didn't love Granby enough, their gas station carries the best grape soda. We make sure to stop and grab at least one every time we visit. Another fantastic trip logged with friends and family. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Bryan!

We think Bryan/Dad is one of the best. We love when he surprises us and comes home early from work. The kids all shout "Dad!" or "Dada!" and I think that might be his favorite time of the day (mine, too). He is our best family vacation and adventure planner. He makes us his priority and I'm grateful for the sacrifices he makes to keep his time balanced. He brings out a little redneck in all of us and it keeps us laughing. He has each of our hearts.

The kids and I made him a Dr. Pepper cake. He's stayed off soda pop this entire year. I figured if it was baked into a cake, it didn't count. Only one problem, it tasted nothing like the real deal. Almost the thought that counts on this one. 

Bryan enjoyed the afternoon by fly-fishing with a friend. They have horrible luck together and the dam was just opened and made for less than ideal conditions, but he said it was still enjoyable. 

That night, he and I went out to dinner and caught 'Rogue One.' 
We love this guy! Happy Birthday!

Cozy Saturday

The Saturday before Christmas was freezing cold. It was the perfect day to stay inside, bake and watch movies. In the morning, we did playdoh, popcorn and polar express. Luke ventured out and braved the weather with Bryan in the afternoon for a little sledding and skiing down the road. Emma and I started making our gingerbread men and Myles enjoyed a long Winter's nap.

Myles has mastered "the cheese."

The gingerbread were a little more "plump" this year. I guess no one is exempt from those holiday pounds!

The Nutcracker

Emma's dance recital was The Nutcracker this year. We had so much fun getting her ready for her big night. Thanks to the Cramers for watching Luke and Myles. We enjoyed a fun night with our beautiful, snowflake ballerina.

Proud papa.