Friday, November 11, 2016

Home At Last! Home At Last!

My parents made it home from their mission in Japan. I know that my family was directly blessed because of their service. I will forever be grateful for their example. Some days it felt like time was flying, other days---it felt like 18 years! They were missed and I was so happy to see them (via FaceTime) coming down the escalators in the Salt Lake City airport. My favorite part was watching my mom run down the last few steps to hug those grandkids. She's been waiting a long time for those hugs!

I was tracking their flight from Tokyo to Seattle and then the final leg from Seattle to Salt Lake City. I learned later, that several of my brothers were doing the exact same thing. I may have played Neil Diamond's, "They're coming to America!!! Today!!" a few times in celebration of the big day.

Pictures are grainy, but I was so happy to see them, even via FaceTime!

When each of my brothers returned home from their missions, my dad would fly the flag from where they served. Tom, carried on this tradition and flew the Japan flag for my parents' welcome home. It was interesting on the texting thread with my brothers to hear the emotions they felt when seeing the American flag after serving their missions. I pray that our country will come together and realize the blessings of living underneath our flag of the United States of America. That's as political as I will get-especially when I'm celebrating my parents coming home after 18 months!

Welcome home mom and dad, grandpa and grandma! We love you and have missed you!

Girl Time

My friend, Krista, flew in from Florida for a visit with all of her friends in Castle Rock. I was the lucky one this time, and she was able to stay with me. Krista's oldest son is only 5 days apart from Luke. That was our first connection when I set up a playdate with those two babies), over 5 years ago! We became close friends before they moved and have kept that friendship intact, despite the distance! We had such a fun time of eating out (Cafe Rio, Kneaders, Hacienda Colorado), shopping, pedicures, and late night visits. Love this girl and all of the incredible friendships I'm blessed with.


We joined with the Cramers for our trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Myles was quick to catch on to the free candy. He wasted no time trying to keep up with the big kids. I was glad his costume was reflective and easier to spot!

Emma had a costume change from the waitress to the witch. 

There were some pretty spooky houses. The boys, in all of their chivalry, would let Emma lead the way to make sure it was safe. She was definitely the bravest one in this crew! 

We had another great Halloween trick-or-treating with our favorite neighbors! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Carving Pumpkins

We had fun listening to Halloween music as we carved our pumpkins as a family. Emma and Myles opted to paint, while the rest of us carved away.

Warm enough for Myles to be chillin' in his diaper. Keeping it classy!

Myles was so fun. He loved checking out each carved pumpkin and was in awe of the glowing jack-o-lantern. 

What's a few more?

We watched my friend, Kelly's, three kids for a few days and nights while she enjoyed a getaway with her husband. Their kids did well and we enjoyed having them. That being said, everyone was happy when backup made it home! :)

The excitement of the garbage day.

We decided to do caramel apples while watching the World Series. By the time the caramel was done, the babies were in bed, which made it much easier.

These little trays have been such a good purchase.

Pumpkin Patch

We were on a Fall roll and enjoying all of the festivities and fun. Since Luke visited a pumpkin patch with school, I took Emma and Myles a separate time. We had a great morning. It was ridiculously warm. It felt like I was back in California where the weather was warm, hot and hotter! The only time Myles really voiced his disapproval of the fun was when I wouldn't let him go down the steep and fast slides by himself. All three of my kids have demonstrated independence at an early age. Fingers crossed it will serve them well as they get older.

Hard to believe he fell out shortly after taking this picture. :)

This little man was on-the-go and hard to capture!

Corn kernel angels.