Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Last Minute Zoo Trip

The weather was cool, with a forecast of rain showers, but I decided to gamble it.  Last minute, Emma, Myles and I headed for a morning at the zoo. I gambled and won with the weather. Only a few sprinkles, just enough to keep the crowds away and the animals out for our viewing pleasure! I was also able to let Myes out of his cage (A.K.A. stroller) to roam the paths with Emma. He loved the freedom and Emma loved being my helper. It was a fabulous morning! We missed having Luke with us It felt strange to not have him around. 

One of these kids wasn't as excited as the other about being put in the wagon.

We loved watching the bears. There were several other people enjoying watching the bears, too. This is when Emma pipes up:  "These bears are like the bear that daddy shot with his bow. Right, mom?"
Me, "Uhhhhhh…"
Emma follows up with, "Remember that soft, cozy bear rug? That's the one he killed. Right,  mom?"
No escape. Me, "Right."
Luckily, the people around weren't animal rights' activists and got a good laugh from our conversation. 

Can you spy the baby gorilla?

I want to remember how hard Myles was laughing watching these Sea Lions playing "King of the Rock." This was the icing on the cake of another great trip to the zoo.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pre-K for Emma!

Emma was 90% excited and 10% nervous for her first day with Mrs. Kristen. It helped her to know that a few of her buddies from the preschool co-op last year would be in this group. She requested "side braids" for her first day and her gold shoes. We talked about saying a prayer if she was scared, but once inside, her nerves disappeared and I watched this confident girl leave my side. When I headed back to the car, I think I saw a look in Myles' eyes followed by a sly smile that said, "Just you and me??? Alright!!!" Myles is so excited when he sees Luke and Emma after school. I love watching their reunion.

All of the learning and excitement from Pre-K caught up with her. 
I'm happy for this cute girlie and to see what her year ahead brings.

Granby and Crater Lake

Bryan and I woke up with healthy kids last Thursday morning, so we hurried to drop the kids off with friends before they had a chance to get sick again. :) We made our way to Granby and stopped at Olive Garden on our way up. I know that there are OG haters out there, we are definitely not one of them. More breadsticks? Yes, please! The afternoon was rainy, but luckily we were able to check in early at the timeshare. Once the rain passed, explored fishing a nearby river. We both ended up on the board. Always nice to catch at least one! The river was running deeper than we anticipated. Bryan, a true gentleman, let me use his waders while he filled up his boots with river water. We dined at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Granby, Azteca. We really dressed up for the occasion.

When one doesn't like to touch a fish, a net becomes mandatory, regardless of the size of the fish.

His boots were FILLED.

The next morning, we enjoyed not waking up to Luke's or Emma's face being inches from our own. I love those cute kiddos, but they are ninjas in the middle of the night and early morning, so creepy!! We triple checked the weather and decided to head for Crater Lake. We packed up our gear and food and drove to the trail head.

The hike was pleasant, not too steep and lots of great stream fishing along the way. Bryan is 100% in his element on backpacking trips. I enjoy these trips, but he is really what makes it so much fun. Plus, he'll still take my fish off the line for me. True love. :) The views were spectacular. The trail and lake were not crowded on Friday. Saturday, when we hiked out, it was much more busy. Glad we timed it when we did.

They require you to "log in," old school style with a pencil and paper. 

Can you find the fisherman?

His big catch.

Campsite 6 was our home for the night.

Dining area, complete with a comfy bench.

Our suite for the night.

Doesn't this look like soooo much fun?!? The funny thing is, it really was!

One last look on our hike out.

This fishing hole was heaven. 

We stopped at Beau Jo's on our way home. It was delicious pizza. We could be easily persuaded to stop here again.

We had such a great time. Perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. From the pics I received of the kids, it didn't look like they missed us too much!