Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Myles at 18 months

Myles is so much fun right now. He is very animated and quite the comedian. He loves to get a laugh out of anyone and will quickly repeat the behavior that elicited the laughter. He is very much attached to his mom and dad. On his first day of nursery he lasted about an hour, which is about 55  minutes longer than I thought he would.  Baby steps. He has a few words and animal sounds down: "uh-oh, mama, vroom." Even without too many words, he manages to get his point just fine.

His Stats:

Weight………26 lbs 7 oz…….78th %tile
Height……….33.5 in…………76th %tile
Head…………50 cm………….97th %tile

He really loves:

His binki
Being outside
The sandbox
His blanket
When dad comes home from work
Reading books
Yogurt and Pancakes
Anything sweet.

Fort Collins LDS temple open house

Our ward held a picnic at a park in Fort Collins in the afternoon and lots of members of our ward obtained tickets to view the inside of the temple for that same day. The temple is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Even with wrestling our monkeys, you could feel the sacredness of the temple. Sometimes Bryan and I question if somethings are really worth it with little kids. We had previously planned a different family activity and we may have second guessed our decision in a few "select moments." However, President Monson's words kept echoing in my head, "May we ever choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong." Not that I felt our other family activity was a bad choice, but sometimes even a better choice can be a harder one. This was definitely the better choice and worth it. We hope our kids always know how much peace and happiness the gospel can bring.

I really do love this picture. Luke just keeps things "real"!


The first day of kindergarten finally arrived! Luke was so excited to head to school that it was hard for me to be sad. We had Luke's meet and greet with his teacher the previous week. It hit me hard then and I had my tears, but the first day was all excitement. He hit the school lawn and literally did not look back. Being his mother, I caught up to him and made sure he knew where his classroom was and then let go! I can already see a similar situation going down at college and wanting to hold his hand to his first class!

Bryan made breakfast for Luke.
A for Aspen View Academy.
K for Kindergarten.

How fun that these two get to walk to and from school together?!?

The gang. There are several neighborhood and church friends that also go to the same school. Our numbers tend to grow by the time we arrive at the school.

He reported a great first day of school and has kept  (mostly) that excitement of going to school. Emma and Myles are sure happy to see him each day when we pick him up. It does feel different having him gone most of the day. We're excited to see what this school year brings for him!

Monday, August 22, 2016


My brother, Dave, and his son, Andrew, came out for a quick visit! We picked them up at the airport, played in Castle Rock for an hour, then jumped on the train and headed to the Rockies Game.  Emma and Myles stayed with a friend. Luke loved the extra attention, especially when it came to being with his older cousin. We stopped at Machete Tacos for a bite before the game. It came recommended from a friend and Bryan had taken the 14 and 15-year-old boys from church here. I was shocked! Lets just say I wasn't going to be surprised if both of the boys woke up with nightmares. Poor Andrew, with eyes wide open, kept saying, "This is creepy!" Yes, yes it is! Tacos were delish though. :) It was the perfect night for a game and we enjoyed great seats. Unfortunately, the Rockies couldn't pull off a victory, but we still had a great time. We took the train back and made it home close to midnight. We were all a little tired!

Nice, kid friendly coloring sheet! 


Uhhh, creepy was just beginning to describe this place! "Making Memories!"

The next morning, we hiked "Castle Rock Mountain," as the kids like to call it. We spotted several lizards, lots of cactus (cacti?) and scrambled on the rocks. The temps soared quickly, making the decision to stop for slurpees on the way home a no brainer. After a nutritious lunch of Freddy's, I put Myles down for a nap while Dave and Andrew shopped the outlet malls. We took them to the airport that afternoon to catch their flight out. It was such a quick, but great trip. We loved having them visit!

Can you spot which one of these kiddos didn't have the late night???

Myles buddied right up to Dave.

Emma somehow worked her way into the backpack. Sneaky, sneaky little girl.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back to School Feast

We held our new tradition of the Back to School Feast. I originally saw this idea from Stephanie Nielson (Mormon blogger and burn survivor) as well as several friends that do it each year. I decided that as part of our own tradition, we would use crowns to honor the kids like kings and queens, pick some of our favorite food to enjoy, prayerfully choose a theme for our family for the upcoming school year and discuss that theme along with goals for each child. It was such a special night.

Bryan and I chose for our family's theme Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and of a good courage. Be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest." We emphasized "Be strong and of a good courage" with them. We asked how they thought could do this each day at school or home. They each gave examples of including someone, choosing the right or saying a prayer if they were scared. Along with all of the talking was plenty of feasting. We really enjoyed our family's new tradition.