Thursday, June 30, 2016

Curious George

Cramers invited us to join them for the dollar movie at one of their favorite cinemas, The Alamo Drafthouse. At this theatre you can order meals, drinks, snacks, etc and your waiter will bring them to your seat. We opted for the bottomless popcorn. I couldn't believe how much butter was on that popcorn! It put my dad's "homemade" popcorn to shame. The kids liked the movie and being there with friends. Myles did well for his first movie. He was busy and moving around, but content. However, once he discovered he could climb on top of the tables where you placed your food, it was game over! I watched the last 10 minutes with him in the stroller in the hallway that leads out of the theater.

I Love to See the Temple

I needed to run errands over by the Denver temple, so we made an impromptu trip to the temple and walked around the grounds. It was a calm day with hardly anyone else on the grounds. It was peaceful and VERY bright. When I asked Luke how he felt, he smiled and said, "Really good." I explained to Luke and Emma that one of the reasons Mom and Dad go to the temple is for that same feeling-it makes us feel really good inside and happy.

Myles 15 month

Again, it was more like his 16-month check-up, but close enough. Myles is turning into quite the tease. He loves to pester his older brother and sister. He will quickly repeat any action that elicits laughter from someone. Still has a significant amount of separation anxiety/stranger danger. Will wrestle any family member once they are laying down on the ground…whether you want to or not! Does well to roll with the activities and schedules of older siblings. On occasion, he will still let me snuggle him to sleep. He isn't into talking, but still gets his point across just fine. :)

His stats…

Weight………..24 lbs 15.5 oz….74.76 %tile
Head………….49.3 cm………...96 %tile

He's also a cookie monster/hoarder!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fish On!

It was my turn to cash in on fishing trip Bryan gave me from Christmas. Great minds thought alike on the gift giving this year! It was a little tricky lining it all up---turns out not many girls like to fish! What?!? :) My brother, Tom, came out and joined me. The kids were excited to have Uncle Tom join us the day before fishing for an evening swim and wrestle mania at the house. I was happy to not be fishing alone!

Tom reeled in this big guy. 

My first time holding a fish. Eek! I've always been pampered when I've gone fishing. I've touched plenty of fish, but actually holding one is a different story. He was a squirmy one and didn't last too long in my hands.

That's not human blood. Eew. I love fishing, but I realized I love the reeling it in more and the thrill of that…not so much once I've caught it.

The guy kept wanting us to hold the fish further away from us to make the fish look bigger. We couldn't help but laugh when Tom pointed out, "Um, my hand is going to be as big as my head. No one will be looking at the fish!"

He boasted a 2-minute fillet time for our catches. He even busted out the electric knife (this is for my mom---"can't you just saw back and forth really fast?") to improve his time. While he didn't beat the timer, it was half-fascinating and half nauseating watching him.

Bryan smoked the fish for dinner and I was amazed how delicious it was, especially the ones we left whole. I've never been a huge lake fish fan, but they were sooooo good.  Myles was even chowing down on the fish. 

The Grange

The kids LOOOOOVVVEE to go to our neighborhood pool. We usually camp out for a couple hours and leave for Myles' nap. We also enjoy going in the evening and having pizza for dinner. We have enjoyed some great, summer days at the pool. Every time we go, we run into friends. That always makes it more fun!

Just a "friendly" arm around the shoulder, neck or face. :)

This little man has taken a liking to the pool (and cupcakes). He goes crazy when he sees the basketball hoop in the pool. The bigger kids are kind and let Myles dunk it. They even cheer him on and chant his name. Pretty fun.

"Big Man on Campus"…and he knows it!


We signed Luke up for T-Ball this summer. For the most part, he is really enjoying it. He feels frustrated at times when practicing his fielding. As a pep talk, I tried sharing the story of Heber J. Grant and how he only made the advanced team by lots and lots of practice. Luke was not enthused by my story. He has lots of buddies on the team that make it fun, too. Emma loves playing on the sidelines with friends. Myles tries to join the team by auditioning for the coach by running on the field, throwing baseballs and hitting the ball off the tee with one hand. Never a dull moment!

Turns out Luke is somewhat ambidextrous when it comes to hitting, like his Uncle Monte. We'll see what happens…

Had to tank up after all that intense playing.

I have to say, T-Ball has been highly entertaining to watch. Luke is very focused and competitive. If it doesn't drive me insane, it could serve him well. :)

Play Ball!

Toilets and Gutters

As part of summer, the kids get a few extra required chores around the house. One chore, is wiping out their bathroom sinks and countertop. I was cleaning the toilet when Emma and Luke started fighting over who got to scrub the toilet. I couldn't help but laugh, hand over my scrub brush and snap a photo for future reference. 

Later that afternoon, a big Thunderstorm rolled in and flooded our gutters. The kids loved building a dam and playing in the gutter. From toilets to the gutters, the kids got a good scrub down in the bath that night.


This post deserves more praise and accolades for Bryan than I can give him. He started training for his half iron man with his friend, Doug, back in late fall/ early winter. There were many early mornings for Bryan, crazy kid schedules and a root canal thrown in 2 weeks before the race,  but he stuck with it. The whole family joined him Friday night in Boulder. We checked out the racing venue at Boulder Reservoir, loaded up on carbs and enjoyed an evening swim back at the hotel. It definitely wasn't the most restful night of sleep for Bryan, but isn't it two nights before the race that really matter??? :) It was inspiring to see the variety of people that were participating. From cancer survivors to amputees to disabled athletes that ran  the race with the aid of friends and family, it was a tear jerker.

1.2 mile swim.
56 mile bike.
13.1 mile run.

It was a tough, hot race and Bryan killed it.

Emma adores our friend's daughter and thought it was super special to have a friend that was "really old."

The kids killed time by making sand castles on the beach.

It was a frantic search to find our guys before the race, but at the last minute we caught them!

Just a short 70.3 miles from the start line to this finish line.

We weren't able to cheer them on with their bike ride. We headed back to the hotel to eat breakfast, let the babies nap and the older kids swim. It was a good break, but made it feel a little hectic trying to get packed up and back to the finish line in time.

We saw Bryan running on the course as we drove in, that was so exciting for us! He was fast and surprised me near the finish line. I had to sprint ahead to get a few quick shots of him!

The kids liked playing on the beach while watching for their dad. The cloud cover and cooler temps rolled in right as Bryan and Doug were finishing. That would have been nice a few hours sooner! 

Mr. Myles was a good sport.

Iron Dads.

The whole support crew.

Way to go, Bryan!