Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Preschool Graduation

Luke has LOVED his preschool this year. It was a great group of kids with an awesome teacher. Luke is starting to read and is faster at crunching numbers than his mother. He's grown so much this year. I'm not the sentimental type, but my heart strings were tugged on when I watched the end-of-year preschool slide his teacher made.

I took our nice camera to Luke's preschool graduation, came home to upload them and realized I didn't have an SD card in the camera! Grrrr… At least there were plenty of friends to share pictures with me.

Kindergarten or bust!

Blue Jay Ice Dragons

Luke's soccer season came to a close. Spring soccer in Colorado proved to be rather eventful! Lots of snow and rain canceled practices or games. These kids had a great time. Luke earned the nickname, "Rocket Foot." He's proving to be a great defender.

Stretching out the Rocket Foot.


Luke and Hudson were still competitive and cheering their teammates on from the sidelines.

There were many supporters at each game.

One of Luke's favorite parts of the season, "The Tunnel."

I thought I was being the cool mom when I showed up with chocolate donuts for the last game. Meet my "one-upper," Joyce. Who can compete with soccer balls in the middle of the donuts?!? Cool mom award goes to my friend! :)

He was content being on the sideline as long as he was eating. 

Luke's preschool teacher came to his last game. He was thrilled she was there.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hunting Season

Bryan has his hunting season in the Fall. My hunting season happens to be in the Spring when all of the yard sales appear! Emma and Luke went with me the first day. We scored some fun things for them. Emma was hooked and ready to go again the next day. This year, my best find was a single bob and a bike attachment that Luke can ride on for longer bike rides.

Trying out my latest find. Myles bracing with all arms and legs. He is use to my driving, whether it's in the car or behind the stroller. 

Random Pics

Backyard Happenings

Our backyard was a bit of a "blank slate" when we moved in last November. We're in the process of getting bids and ideas for the landscaping. We added a free playset that Elizabeth spotted for us. Bryan was wondering if she viewed us as friends or enemies when we hauled it home and began setting it up. We stained, added boards and replaced the canopy. The kids love spending time out there. Emma even has pumping down, making it easier for everyone when she wants to swing. We have lots of neighbor kids that hop the fence and play in each other backyards. We put in a gate with the Cramers on our fence line. There's a lot of talk of adding more gates with other neighbors. It's a pretty good life for the kids.

Myles logged some time with Bryan and me at Lowes as we fixed up the swing set . As you can see, he felt like he was King of the Road while shopping with us.

We have the back side of the gate, the kids pull on the string to open it. On the other side, there's the handle. It's worked out great. 

We recently poured a patio. Not missing the rock and mulch that it replaced. Next step will be fixing sprinkler system and sodding. Who wants to come visit??? :)

Anytime a cement truck shows up, it's an exciting time. 

Myles' paws are going to catch Emma's pretty soon.

One Direction

All of the kiddos are facing forward in the car! This was a big day in our young family, especially for child #3. We celebrated by venturing out to the library. I made a wrong turn so we took the unplanned detour and explored a new library. It was bright, colorful and fun to change it up.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a great day. My family spoiled me. I felt loved. I felt love and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my mom and other moms that play a huge role in my life…like Bryan's mom who raised this amazing guy who loves everything outdoors, but also knows how to scrub a shower and make a delicious meal. She did a great job, and I feel lucky to reap the benefits! :)

On Saturday, the kids and I planted flowers. Emma was the only one willing to oblige me with a photo.  Hopefully, Colorado will let Spring stick around and we can enjoy a few weeks of this season before Summer appears!

Luke made a flower pot at preschool for me. They used their fingerprints to make butterflies around the pot. Emma and Luke planted their flower seeds from Easter in this pot. Fingers crossed.

The day started off letting me know that I was needed and loved…

After a long nap and some food, he was much happier. Definitely takes after his mother.

Bryan (and the kids) made me breakfast in bed. We loaded up for church where the kids sang a Mother's Day Medley. The only downside to being the primary pianist is that I have only watched my kids one time from the pews. The afternoon was low-key and relaxing. For dinner, we enjoyed a delicious steak meal followed with a diabetes-inducing cake. Yum!

I never knew exactly what my job description was going to be as a Mother. Now that I am one, it changes every day. I had no idea how much happiness, heartache, tears, laughter and love I would experience by becoming a Mom. 
 "It is worth it then, now and forever." ~ Elder Jeffrey R. Holland