Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sunday Sweets

Most Sunday evenings Bryan will make a batch of chocolate chip cookies or no-bake peanut butter oatmeal cookies. We're all fans of this and support him. The kids love to offer their "helping hands." This is what it normally looks like…

He's a good, patient father! :)

Denver ZOO!

We bought a pass to the Denver Zoo. We love this zoo and missed it when we lived in California. (Side note: It's crazy to think that JUST a year ago we were in the process of showing and selling our home there!) The kids were so excited to go to the zoo. I knew they wouldn't sleep well if I told them the night before, so I waited until the morning. I felt like Mother of the year with their reactions! I thought we would go solo this time. In other words, I wasn't sure how Myles would do missing his morning nap and being strapped down in the stroller. As it turns out, we ran into several friends and it was a great morning. I think Luke and Emma could have stayed all day. Myles did great, butI didn't want to push my luck so we left around noon. We picked up ice cream on our way home. Luke and Emma took turns dipping Myles binki in their ice cream cones. Myles appreciated them sharing their ice cream. It was so cute to me that I tried hard not to think about all the germ sharing. :)

The lion cubs were out and wrestling with each other.

We even saw the peacocks shake their tail feathers and the kids thought it was pretty funny.

Blackberries:  not the best food on the go.
However, when it's your first time at the zoo, some rules don't apply.

Oh, this one. I could hug and squeeze him every minute, if he let me. He's not that cuddly.

Watched the penguins eat their lunch.

Springtime was apparent at the zoo. It was beautiful! Come on Castle Rock, time to catch up!

Luke was riding the carousel by his buddy and missed out on our family selfie.

Great first trip with my three monkeys to the zoo.

Preschool Co-op

It is my turn to teach Emma's preschool co-op. We are using the Mother Goose curriculum. I really like it. It's educational and incorporates a lot of "play" to help teach the concepts. I'm a big believer in this, especially when the kids are three-years-old. It's three hours, twice a week. It's structured with circle time, 2 lessons, writing time, snack/potty break, play time, music time and story time. Three hours go by quickly! Tuesdays do feel like my busy days with teaching preschool in the morning and then teaching several hours of piano in the afternoon. All things considered, it's working out really well.

For one of the lessons, the kids made a lemonade stand and lemonade. They bought lemonade from each other with their money. Once they were out, they put their "closed" sign up. They really enjoyed this. We may have needed more than just the one designated potty break this day. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Siesta Key

Three of my close girlfriends all turned 30 this year. They let me tag along on a girls' trip celebrating their big "3-0" to Florida. I'm the old one with this crowd! Each of these girls mean so much to me. Talk about the sisters I've never had, cliche, but true. 

Krista picked us up at the Orlando airport and took us to a delicious Mexican restaurant for lunch. We enjoyed free-flowing diet cokes, lots of chips and salsa and great conversation. It was the perfect way to kick start the trip. After lunch, we drove several hours to Siesta Key. This cute beach town is on the Gulf Coast where Krista scored us a Condo with an amazing view. The proximity to the beach was literally right out the door. 

The first night we were there, we stayed on the beach and talked way past the sun going down. This was just the beginning of an incredible weekend spent with these gals. We spent most of our time simply visiting with each other. There were lots of laughs mixed with a few tears. I love that our conversations were "real." No pretenses. We waded in the water, played sand volleyball and watched the college- volleyball-star crush a few (AKA Krista), rode beach cruisers and ventured into town for fresh Seafood and hot mini-donuts.

Bryan kept things afloat back home, especially amidst Colorado being pounded by another snow storm (18-20")! They even canceled church. Another point for Bryan keeping everyone entertained. When I FaceTimed with Emma, she asked me, "Mommy, are you in the hospital?" It made me laugh, because that is where she remembered my last "getaway"… to the hospital to have Myles. This was a little bit different of a trip than that one. :)

Annnnnd we're off!

That sea breeze was a little chilly in the evening.

Dirty Diet Cokes. Deeeelicious.

Spring Soccer

Luke is trying out Spring soccer. His team's name is "Blue Jay Ice Dragons." Try coming up with a cheer for that name!! I think we're about 50/50 on games and practices played vs canceled due to snow storms. Colorado is a tease when it comes to Spring. Right now, the rain is turning to snow and is covering up the flowers that bloomed only a few days ago. Sigh. When Luke is able to play soccer, he is ALL in! He's scored several goals, is a great defender of the goal and his teammates. He is definitely one of the bigger kids on the field and makes sure that his teammates aren't being picked on.

Emma and Kennedy support their brothers on the sidelines. They also manage to find every puddle and test its depth by jumping in with both feet. My favorite part was when they took their boots off and could dump the water out! It felt like a cartoon. These two girls are pretty cute friends.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I was spoiled on my 33rd birthday. I received lots of phone calls and texts that made me feel very loved. All of my meals were made or dropped off for me (that truly made it feel like a holiday!) and that night Bryan took me out to dinner and shopping. Here's to another great year…hopefully, I'll actually be a little wiser next time around. :)

My one request for my birthday was to enjoy a "Nothing Bundt Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cake." My mouth is watering just typing that!

Monday, April 25, 2016

1 Year Stats

When you're the third child, well-visits to the doctor aren't nearly as punctual as the first child. At least, that is how I am rolling with it. I figure he has enough sick visits in the mix that it balances out. Myles stats at ONEish-Year-Old…

Height……. 31"…….…...66th %tile
Weight…… 24lbs 3oz ….79th %tile
Head…48.6 cm………….94th %tile

Here's a few random pics of Myles at this age.

He loves to be doing whatever his brother and sister are doing, even if that means donning a princess crown every once and while.

He is STILL so snuggly, especially when teething or not feeling well. I LOVE the snuggles.

A few of my other favorite things about Myles right now…

*His Smile.
*How excited he becomes for wrestle time.
*His routine of binkies and blankies for bed. He knows if you don't give him all of his binkies and won't lay down until his hands are full with back-up binkies.
*He has a pretty mean throw and can leave a mark if you're not watching! Heads up!!
*His throaty chuckle.
*How much he LOVES to be outside.
*He really likes blackberries. His purple stained fingers and face make me smile.