Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Warming Up

The days are getting warmer and the sunshine is lasting longer! We ventured out to different parks and enjoyed soaking up the sun. Luke and Emma love the MAC park. Myles' (and my) pick is Paintbrush Park because they have the baby swings. Myles loves to swing and eat Doritos at the same time.

Emma's friend, Milly. 
They figured out a way so they could both swing at the same time.

Ski Getaway

Several months ago, Elizabeth traded me babysitting gigs for help while she was gone on a trip. I definitely got the better end of that deal by her offering an overnight date for Bryan and myself. We escaped to Granby Ranch and enjoyed beautiful blue skies and warm, spring skiing. This was the first time Bryan and I skied without the kids in 7-8 years. It was fun to be on the mountain together. It brought back memories of when we were dating and newly married. We spent many days skiing/snowboarding in those first years together. We called it a day around 3:30 and headed for the hot tub to soak our legs that weren't use to being on the mountain all day. We stayed overnight at his parent's time share in Granby (thanks Steve and Carrie!) that was only 5 minutes from where we skied. We dined at a Mexican restaurant and grabbed dessert on our way back. The next morning we enjoyed a slow start and a breakfast burrito to go.

Huge thanks to the Cramers! The kids didn't have a chance to miss us, because they were having way too much fun.

These two…

Or, is it these two…

I thought this post was about Bryan and my getaway trip, but judging by the amount of pics posted of the kids, I'm confident I should relabel this "The kids' Getaway to Cramers."

Denver Philharmonic Orchestra

We had another round of illness strike our house and unfortunately, it really knocked Bryan out for a few days. We had tickets to the Orchestra and Bryan encouraged me to ask a friend to go since he wasn't feeling the best. It was a last minute invite, so I was glad when Elizabeth was able to make it work.
We were there early enough to check out the old church where they play, hit up the photo booth twice and experience an "instrumental petting zoo." Not the best name for marketing purposes, but I thought it was cool how they set up various stations of instruments. There was a musician or two at each station and they would help you play the instrument. One of the news' stations just happened to be there and snagged us. They threw a mic on Elizabeth--she has a background in PR, she was the right one to put a mic on!!
I loved the performance. They played from Mozart, Rachmaninoff and Stravinsky. There was a guest pianist that played a rhapsody of Rachmaninoff's. It was impressive.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

 Life is crazy. I'm still trying to figure out how is it possible that we scored living next door to our friends?!? We tried the few-doors-down for a couple years, but realized next door could be even better! :) A gate is going in the backyard fence later this week so the kids can get to and from even easier than the 50 steps from front door to front door. It's pretty awesome.

Luke and Emma were invited over while I was teaching piano to make snow volcanoes in Cramer's backyard. My kids loved it. As the weather warms up, we're now enjoying riding bikes with our friends  in the front yard after school.