Thursday, February 25, 2016

Holy Moly!! Myles is ONE!!

What a CRAZY year! When the colic or reflux (one and the same in my opinion) dissipated, Myles became a completely different baby. As rough as those first few months were, he has more than made up for it. He quickly became a very happy and content baby. We feel so blessed that he is a part of our family. As he turns ONE, here are a few things I want to remember about him at this age:

  • His throaty chuckle
  • Taking more and more steps
  • Loves to cuddle, especially right before bed. When he is sick, he will only nap while being held
  • Is a Mama's and Daddy's little boy
  • Waffles and Pancakes would be eaten for every meal if he had his way
  • Loves to be with Luke and Emma
  • Senses the excitement with "Block Wars" and tickle fights
  • Knows what he wants and will quickly protest when it isn't given
  • Loves to throw and is obsessed with any sports ball we have in the house
We started the morning off with our traditional "favorites" picking. We chose 4 of his favorite things and then let him loose to pick his absolute favorite. Bryan was right on the money and guessed correctly. 

After breakfast I took him for his first haircut. Poor kid couldn't even see the world around him! He did really well for 75-80% of his haircut. I'll take it.

He looks so grown up!

After naps, we took a family bike ride! We enjoyed unseasonably warm temps in February and tried to take advantage of the weather. This was Myles' first ride in the trailer. There weren't too many complaints from him. His sister thought Myles was taking up more than his fair share of the trailer.

That night, we invited a few friends to come enjoy cupcakes with us.

That cupcake was so heavy that Myles couldn't even pick it up. 

Party Over! Especially when the Birthday Boy starts disrobing himself.

We love you Mister Myles!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Friends and Fondue

After taking a hiatus from hosting this fun night, we brought it back this year. I felt like this was one of our better ones. Nothing to do with the flavors or food items for me. I stressed less (there was still some!) about the food and enjoyed visiting with friends more. I stuck with my original stations of cheese, meats/veggies and desserts. I added one more cheese fondue pot (so there were 3) and then once the cheese was mostly gone from one of the pots, I added another broth to make 3 beef broth flavored with garlic and onion and 1 oil. The dessert table turned into quite the buffet table of options. There were two fountains brought by friends: dark chocolate and milk chocolate. I added a caramel fondue and strawberry fondue. The strawberry fondue turned out to be a hit, especially with the angel food cake. After everyone had their fill of fondue we played a few rounds of a group game I found on Pinterest that involved racing for the buzzer/ringer when you heard an object in the category that did not belong. A few of the favorite categories were "Famous BYU athletes" (not gonna lie, it was easier to find famous athletes from their biggest rival), "Castle Rock Outlets" and "Top TEN 80s Bands." I was nervous that the game might be a flop, but most of the friends really got into it and others were at least kind enough to humor me. Bryan and I were happy that we chose to start it up again.

Prepping for the night ahead.  
Meats and Veggies station with one additional fondue pot for cheese at the beginning.

Dessert station.

Cheese station.

Elizabeth and Steven kindly took our monkeys for several hours before we were suppose to start. It really helped me organize everything and feel ready. It's pretty funny that when our kids are in Cramers backyard, we can look right out the kitchen window and see this.

Emma found jumping on the trampoline electrifying.

The guests have arrived!  It's party time! I did a horrible job taking pictures. It was low on my priority list. Next time, I need to bump it higher…or assign it to my co-host. He loves taking pictures of people mid conversation or when they're trying to enjoy a bite of food. :)

…and this is what all of the cleaned dishes look like the next day. :) 
It's a lot of work, but so much fun.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

V-day Par-Tay

The Cramers continued their tradition of hosting a Valentine's party. There seems to be more kids every year…maybe because there are more kids! We keep having babies! :)

If you're looking for a party planner, I know someone. :)

Thanks to these amazing hosts for another fabulous party!!
We love this crew!

A Night Away

Bryan had a Financial Advising convention in Denver with North Star Securities. We took advantage of the posh accommodations and enjoyed a night away with just the two of us. We appreciated our friends taking the kids. I don't think they missed us too much judging by the pictures she sent to me.

Bryan was up early to attend his training. He managed to sneak me a delicious breakfast in bed. Anytime I can watch a show in bed and enjoy my breakfast at the same time, it's heaven for me!

The Chicago Bulls were playing the Nuggets and apparently staying at the same hotel. Bryan ran into Doug McDermott and casually informed him, "I bet I could dunk on you." McDermott didn't seem to intimidated by Bryan's challenge and replied, "Oh yeah? You think so, huh?" They "bro-nodded" and that was about it. Exciting lives we lead!

I've mentioned this before, but the biggest gap between our kids' ages is only 4 months! It's a lot of fun. We love the Coppins.

More Snow? More Sledding!

A few weeks ago we were pounded by another snowstorm. We tried a new sledding hill in the cul-de-sac behind us. The 1st day it was awesome. The 2nd day...there were tears. :)