Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rec Center

We're enjoying breaking up some of the long winter days by swimming at the rec center. We usually grab a pizza and have dinner there, too.

Skyline Rink

Several of our friends told us about Southwest's Skyline ice skating rink in Downtown Denver. Last Saturday we decided to go check it out. We were there right when it opened and avoided the overcrowding that we heard can happen. The only fee is $2 for the skate rentals. There was also free hot chocolate. I love Southwest even more. They do not allow babies on the ice (makes sense) so Bryan and I took turns on and off the ice with Myles. Luke was content to fly solo with an "ice walker" and Emma liked having Bryan or myself with her. It worked out well.

The kids were impressed by the tall buildings and massive cranes. 

It was a gorgeous day. We were almost too warm wearing our coats.

After ice skating, we grabbed a bite at Smash Burger and then walked down Larimer Street that was decked out in support of the Broncos.

Myles and I dropped off Bryan, Luke and Emma at Union Station and they took the light rail as close to Castle Rock as they could. I met picked them up at the Lincoln Station and we all headed back home. It was a great time. The kids keep asking when we can go back.

Luke has loved trains ever since he first discovered them.

Looks like Emma made herself comfortable and enjoyed the ride.

Backyard Slopes

Our backyard has enough of a pitch that the kids are entertained sledding and skiing (with help). Many afternoons are spent doing these two things. It was even more fun for Luke and Emma having friends join the fun.


I completely forgot to snap a picture of Luke and Emma on the skis. It was a fun afternoon.  I think tow ropes and ski lifts are much more efficient than I was carrying each kid to the top each time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mister Myles

Few updates with Numero Tres child. He is crawling everywhere, including up the stairs. He prefers to roll down them and catch himself with his face. We're working on this technique. He loves to eat pancakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bananas and Legos. He enjoys being anywhere his brother and sister can be found (even when they don't want to be found by "BabyZilla"). He is constantly testing the perimeter fences, a.k.a. baby gates, for weaknesses that will aid in his escape into another room. He is definitely in the stranger danger stage. He has the funniest, "throatiest" chuckle.

Still my most snuggable baby. My reward for wearing him for his first three months of life.

Little smartie was very determined to get around my blockade.

Not the above picture, but a separate time he did crash all the way down. I felt so bad that I offered him some comfort food. I offered myself the same comfort food, times 4.

 Man, we love Mister Myles.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A New Year, A New Sunbeam!

Emma was ready to be one of the "big girls" and go to Primary. She has been looking forward to this day for a long time. I think she knows most of the Primary songs from the last Primary program. I still play the piano in primary (best calling ever) and it makes it extra fun to watch Luke and Emma. Luke's class sits right behind Emma's class. It made me a little nervous, but so far so good. Give it a few more months and we'll see what happens!

Sunbeams or Bust!

New Year's Eve

We were still on the mend, so we kept the invite list to ourselves. We blew up some balloons and  introduced the kids to fondue. What more does one need to have a successful New Year's Eve party??

Side note: Notice that wall behind Bryan? After trying out nearly fifty shades of gray (pun intended), we finally chose a paint color that we really like. It's crazy how much it changes with different light, but it doesn't look green or purple or pink so that is a huge win! It is fun to slowly make changes to our home that make it feel like our own.

Jess K., does this look familiar???

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We've Been Healed!

After a few days, it appeared that everyone was on the mend. We enjoyed a slow start to our morning watching snow plows and "diggers" outside of our home. We live on the North side of our street and suffer from the continuous ice sheet from the first freeze in late Fall until we thaw in June. Okay, not quite, but sometimes it feels like it!

Taking advantage of everyone feeling better we decided to take a trip out of quarantine. Even if that meant just running to Costco. 

People like to share their opinions or observations ANY time I am shopping with my three kids. I think for the most part, it's people remembering similar days in their own lives. 90% of the time people are very kind and encouraging. It's the other 10% of the time that I wish I was wearing my sunglasses so I could roll my eyes as big as I wanted. Two of my "favorites":  "BOY! Sure looks like you have your hands full!" and "Well, your cart was full before you started shopping!" I think the annoyance of the sayings are lost in text, and it was probably more my mood at the time and their tone. Yes, my hands are full and yes, my cart is full. Thank you. I wouldn't have it any other way. (Unless, Bryan watches the kids and I get a solo shopping trip.)    :)

Christmas Dinner

We postponed Christmas dinner until everyone was feeling a little better. I made New England Boiled Dinner. My Grandma Kotter use to make this recipe. My mom made it (with a few adaptations) when I was growing up. I always looked forward to it, even the smell of the sometimes stinky cabbage! Bryan and the kids share my love for this dinner. I think we're beginning to make a tradition of it on Christmas Day. Thanks to Bryan's mom for the festive tablecloth that completed our dinner.

At first, one might think Myles is smiling lovingly at his father (which, I'm sure is true, too).

Turns out, Myles is also sizing him up…

Getting his hand closer…closer...

...and attack! He has some razor sharp nails on occasion.

Once everyone is safely back to our chairs (and not too close to each other), we enjoyed a nice dinner together.