Monday, November 30, 2015

Moving and a Blizzard

We closed on a home, literally two doors down from our old house and right next door to our good friends, the Cramers. It was quite the process closing on this home. We're grateful that everything worked out. We had a big snowstorm roll through right in the middle of all the moving, of course. We received lots of help from friends watching our kids and helping us load up and unload.

The official moving crew.
We got a good jump on the move before the blizzard hit.

Packing it up. I loathe moving. People that say, "it's a great time to go through things," have not lived in four homes in less than 1.5 years. We're hoping to stay put for awhile!

Fast food and a make shift kitchen table. Memories. :)

Cheers to the new home!

 Just a little "dusting" of snow.

Maybe next year, Myles.

Time for a hot cocoa break. Love those rosy cheeks.


Luckily, everything continued on schedule and we're getting settled and loving the extra space.


Emma took a ballet class through one of my friends who taught out of her house. She had a great time and would often come home singing the songs they were dancing to at lessons. When I asked her to show me what she was learning, well, she had about 3 moves she could show me. I guess, what do I expect when she's three? The recital was held at our church. I loved it.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

First Snow Fall

Yesterday, we received our first snow fall of the season. It's been awhile since our kids have seen snow. They were thrilled.

When Luke came into our bedroom in the morning, he stood at the window, mesmerized by the falling snow. He then told me, "Mom, I want to make a snowman and a big snowball to throw in your face." That gave me a good belly laugh.

After preschool and ballet, we made the first sledding tracks at our neighborhood park. Luke's friend from preschool/church joined us.

Myles took his first ride in the sled. I think he was not impressed. The low point for him was his face plant into the snow. I couldn't help but enjoy a few chuckles.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

9 Months!

Myles is just shy of 9 months old. To celebrate, we went to the hospital and had tubes placed in both of his ears. Lucky kid! We're hoping this helps him with those darn ear infections!

His stats:

Weight: 20 lbs 8 oz……69%tile
Height:  39 inches……..82%tile
Head:  46.7 cm………..92% tile

  • He has 4 teeth on the bottom and 2 teeth on the top that just broke through.
  • He loves to be with Emma and Luke.
  • He is catching onto the idea of wrestling and has a pretty good growl when he is attacking.
  • Likes walks in the stroller, especially when he doesn't fall out. :)
  • Loves bath time.
  • Still waking up 1-2 times at night (fingers crossed that the tubes help with this!)
  • Says, "da-da-da" and "ya-ya-ya"

Even with all of his ear infections, he is a happy baby.

He was treated like royalty at the hospital. We had a good, early morning.

The procedure went great. He was only gone for about 20 minutes and then we were home by 9 AM! The recovery is going well.

He's on the Move!

Myles has been crawling for about a month now. He is mastering pulling himself up on anything close by. He's managed to fall down the stairs and out of the stroller. Bryan and I shared responsibilities on the previous incidents. Baby gates and buckles are now being used around the clock.

Halloween Festivities

Halloween was a week long celebration this year. Between preschool parties, trick-or-treating at Bryan's work, carnival and trunk-or-treat at the church and actual trick-or-treating around the neighborhood there was no shortage of fun or sugar. I think it's cruel to combine Daylight Savings with the day after Halloween. We were definitely in recovery/survival mode for a few days.

Emma rotated between her witch and cowgirl costumes. 

The kids refused to call him a cow because he was a baby cow. That means he should be called a calf. Maybe some of those country roots are starting to show!

Myles loved Luke's SpiderMan mask and would crawl around with it on. He had all of us laughing.

Emma's preschool co-op.

Luke's SuperHero pals from preschool.

Our garbage man was even dressed up and brought a pumpkin bucket full of suckers for the kids to pick one. Looking at this picture,  I can understand why he didn't put his mask down until the picture. 

Trick-or-treating at Bryan's work.

We made our way to the church for the carnival and trunk-or-treat.
A quick video for the grandparents to get the full effect of Emma's costume.

Off for "official" trick or treating. 

Met up with the Cramers! We loved joining with them again!

Some houses were pretty spooky.

Edison and Emma were over the whole "scary robots" of Halloween.

Checking out the loot.

Another great Halloween in the books!