Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pumpkin Carving and Caramel Apples

For family night we carved our pumpkins and made caramel apples. The kids (okay-all of us!) have really been looking forward to this night. We tried using a stencil for our carvings this year. The pumpkins turned out better than we thought they might! Has anyone else tried this? If so, did you use the seran wrap, as well? Or just the paper?

Luke was a little unsure of the pumpkin "guts."

This one is working on cutting his upper teeth. Makes for a cute jack-o-lantern with crazy hair!

Next up, I started the homemade caramel as the pumpkin carving wound down. I know that the store stuff is easier, but it never tastes nearly as good as homemade. I always think of my Grandma Munns whenever making caramel. I think that's the biggest reason why I like to make the caramel-it reminds me of her.

Helping chop the toppings…Bryan appears to be little on edge in this photo. Never thought I would be more worried about cutting up the toppings than carving the pumpkins!

Myles is crawling everywhere and starting to get into everything!

To help the caramel set faster, we took it outside on the deck.

Myles followed us outside and received a drop or two of caramel from a spinning apple!
Bath time!

The kids loved decorating their apples.

I loved decorating the apples, too. 

Chow time.

To cap the night off we lit our pumpkins and admired our handiwork.

Yes, please!

We are enjoying an incredible Autumn. Beautiful colors and great weather, yes please! Just a few days ago, I was upstairs getting ready to go somewhere and when I came downstairs I found Luke and Emma having a "car wash." It was warm enough, that I let them enjoy it!

Castle Rock Witching

Every year, one of my friends organizes the masses of ladies for a fun, ghastly night of "witching." The night started off at Costa Vida. We then hopped on the light rail to Union Station, downtown Denver. I think know that anyone that jumped on our same section of the train were taken back!! There, most of the group walked over to Little Man's Ice Cream. A good friend and I decided to relax at Union Station (where there was also Little Man's Ice Cream and comfy sofas). We then caught up with group and rode the train back. I think I was almost asleep by 2 AM. I'm getting too old for that!

The guy on the far right is loving his dining location tonight (along with any other guest in the restaurant that night).

Monday, October 19, 2015

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Today was free admission day at a museum we had not tried out. We decided to go see what this place was all about, along with a few hundred of our closest friends. The kids loved it.

We started in the Space Odyssey Exhibit.

Cutest little astronaut I've seen.

Side note: check out that lady's pants to the right. Those front zippers also serve the purpose of stashing her cell phone. So convenient.

Luke took his job very seriously and made sure the rocket ship stayed on course.

Next, we ate our lunch and then headed to the Discovery Zone. We spent several hours here and the kids were sad when I pried them away. Besides the germaphobe coming out in me, I would give this section 5 stars.

Luke said the marble exhibit was his favorite. He spent the majority of his time here. 
I do believe this is the most impressive and interactive one I've seen.

Myles' favorite part appeared to be the bubble pillars.

I mean, come on, this kid.

This was Emma's happy face before I informed her those were hand puppets, not slippers.

Emma's favorite was the water play and discovery.

I loved holding this sleeping baby. My days are getting numbered of holding a sleeping child. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

One of My Favorites...

Or rather, two of my favorites. 

"It's Autumn Time...

It's Autumn Time! The Leaves are Falling Down!" We went on a walk around our neighborhood to gather fallen leaves for a kid-friendly craft. We were a little early for a variety of fallen leaves, but managed to hunt down more than enough for what we needed. It was an enjoyable stroll as Emma and Luke pall'ed around and Myles was content sitting in the stroller. A storm rolled in right as we made it home. It definitely felt like Fall today.