Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's Autumn Time!

Bryan had an unexpected free afternoon on Monday. I dropped the cleaning, organizing, washing dishes, etc. We took advantage by meeting up with him and heading for a quick drive through Guanella Pass to see the Fall colors. I thought we might be a little early, but the trees said otherwise. It was gorgeous. Colorado, I have missed you and am so glad to be back! Loved this spontaneous afternoon away with our family.

The kids' preferred way of viewing the Fall colors.

Myles joining in on the fun.

We stopped at the top of the pass for a quick hike/stroll. Bryan wanted me to point out Mt. Bierstadt--the "14er" I hiked--to the kids. As you can see, they were thoroughly impressed.

Oh, this boy. He is such a happy one. 
So content to watch his siblings play in the creek.

I could not have picked a better way to spend the afternoon. 

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Bryan and I went to a Rockies' game over the weekend. It was the perfect night for a ball game. Our friends, the Coppins, were able to join us. We both brought our babies and split a babysitter for the other kids. It worked out really well!

Bryan and Cam sharing the duties of the double bob.

 First baseball game for Myles and Oakley. These cuties are only 6 weeks apart.


Luke turned 5 this last week! Luke is a boy that loves life. He is quick to make a friend. I can never schedule enough play dates for him. He loves to go hiking with his dad, especially when it involves looking for golf balls. He has a tender heart that feels emotions deeply. He will never pass up a tickle fight. He is a good older brother to Emma and Myles.  He's been looking forward to turning five and having his Batman party for a L-O-N-G time! I think he felt very loved and special on his birthday. In his words, "I had a blast at my party!"

Cutest Bat-baby I've ever seen.

We started the party off with a batman training course. This involved balancing, jumping, sliding, summersaulting, crawling and running to make sure they were ready to catch a villain.

Next up was target practice. The kids LOVED this.

After we read our "instructions" (a book) we tracked down batman and a baby that Mr. Freeze froze in ice. They used their squirters (or fists :) ) to break them free.

Lastly, they needed to catch the evil villain, Mr. Freeze, and vaporize him with their silly string.

Well, Mr. Freeze startled the unsuspecting Batmans and there was quite the battle.

Emma was "slightly" disturbed by the masked man. It took some convincing that it was really her dad behind the mask. The Batmans emerged victorious. Cake and Ice Cream was their reward.

We played Freeze Tag as parents were coming to pick up their kids. 

I think everyone had a great time! Happy Birthday Luke!

Labor Day

Cramers invited us to go to their family cabin in Pagosa Springs over Labor Day weekend. It was an all-encompassing weekend. Amazing views, great company, delicious food, beautiful hikes and the kids played well for the cherry on top of an already fantastic weekend. Thanks Cramers!

One of the many beautiful sights of the weekend.

Visited the locals'  hot springs. 


Tried our luck with fishing. 

Hiked to Opal Lake. 
Sadly, because of all the rain it was less opal and more brown. Still a great hike.

Enjoyed our picnic (and some chips when Emma would share) at the lake.

Played games and hung out at the cabin.

There's always room for one more, right?!?

We enjoyed s'mores on the perfect evening.

It's a miracle no one was hooked by a lure.

We didn't get completely skunked with fishing! The transformer pole reeled this big guy in.

Evidence that you don't always need to catch a fish to have a great time fishing.'

Hit up this waterfall on our way back home.  

On the road again!

All of the fun caught up with Emma on the way home. It's hard when you're so hungry, but too exhausted to stay awake to eat. Emma solved that problem.