Monday, August 17, 2015


Last weekend we checked out Breckenridge with some friends. There were 10 adults and 14 kids (with the oldest being 7). I think we were quite the show anywhere we went! We loved spending time in the mountains with our friends. All of the kids played exceptionally well together, the adults managed to have more than a two-minute conversation once all of the kids were down (that's when the real fun happens) and we lucked out with great weather--making it easier to get out and play!  Lots of good memories were made.

The gang's all here!
Couples L to R: Coppins, Us, Martins, Salleys, McNeils

On our way into Breckenridge, we stopped at a yummy Crepe place. They were worth the wait!

Chilling at the cabin.

How many kids can you fit in one hot tub??? 
A lot.

Enjoyed s'mores after dinner the first night.

The kids biked.

The guys biked.

The girls biked…as in we took a gondola to the top and rode downhill the entire time. My hands got the best work out from braking so much. 

Pretending we're hard core.

We found this delicious treat after our intense work out.

These three girls are within just a few months of each other.

Boys will be boys and make weapons out of anything!

Cute Hadley made a mini-princess sword.

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Myles already has game. Not even staged by the moms.

Discovered a fun train park that was a hit with the kids.

Next up, we found a creek for the kids to get completely soaked and filthy in.

We made homemade cookies n' cream ice cream after dinner the second night. 
We definitely had a fan.

Puddle splashing on our way to the *Free* Gondola.

One of my personal favorites of the trip. :)

Our friend's boy loved Myles so much. Myles loved all of the attention. It was a pretty cute friendship.

Emma puddle bustin' again.

Luke rolling his pants up to walk through the puddle???
How the tables have turned!

…and there goes Emma, again!

Mister Myles.

On our way home, we stopped at the top of Hoosier Pass and hiked for a ways. One other family, the Martins, joined in on the hike. 

Hiking buddies.
(Like the sun protection on Myles??? Classy.)

Love this crew.

Such a great weekend with our family and friends!