Thursday, July 16, 2015

Big Day For Luke!

Luke has been looking forward to this day since he first laid eyes on the slide at our neighborhood pool. He passed his swim test today! Way to go Luke! He was smiling from ear to ear and wore that wristband with pride.

Side note: Love his buddy, Parker, smiling in the background who was so happy and excited for Luke.


We love to celebrate 7.11 with a free slurpee from 7-11. It's even more fun when you have friends that are able to join you and then head for some swimming afterwards. Oh, the summer life. We're loving it.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our Emma

Emma's 3 year check up went well. She is still jaded from all of the doctor appointments that we had when she was having her seizures, but I'm optimistic it will get better with time. I won't recap the past too much, but it was a birthday I wasn't sure was going to happen just 8 months prior.
Emma, how we love you.

Her stats:

Wt:  30.4 lbs…...48 %tile
Ht:  36.7 inches..43 %tile

Her favs:

  • Luke, whether it's playing with him or torturing him
  • Giving Myles snuggles or a bottle
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Any kind of fruit
  • Pink
  • Peppa Pig
  • Elephant blankie
  • Accessorizing-anything girly
  • The song, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me"
  • Swings at the park

This is not the most recent picture of Emma. but it is one of my favorites. 
This is Emma; Sweet, and yet something almost mischievous behind that innocent smile. 
Love her to pieces.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Family Time

We celebrated Emma's birthday as a family by letting her pick her favorite dinner: pizza, followed by princess cake and ice cream. She felt very spoiled by the love and attention.

Emma (and Luke) received a fun package of unique candy in the mail from their Grandma and Grandpa serving a mission in Japan.

They tried out some straws from the package that changed the flavor of their milk as they drank it. Emma's was strawberry and Luke's was banana. Strawberry seemed to be more popular than the banana.

Emma loves playing with this magnetic doll set from Grandma and Grandpa Nielson. 

This is suppose to be a magic hair brush that will smooth tangles without pulling one's hair. 
Jury is still out on this one. 

The tea set has been a HUGE hit. The best part? Both kids can play with this and they usually play well together while enjoying their tea parties. They attempted to invite the local bunny to one tea party by leaving a trail of watermelon. However, the bunny wasn't fooled.

Make a wish!

"My work here is done."

Who needs a cupcake when you have frosting???

Gotta include a picture of this cutie from Emma's special day. 
(Thanks to Aunt Melissa for this blanket-I love it!)

ArT PArTy!!

We celebrated Emma turning three by inviting three friends over to her ART party. I tried to keep things simple, but Bryan tends to roll his eyes whenever I claim this. The kids appeared to have a great time, goal achieved.


The Setup

The pARTy!

We let the masterpieces dry and then peeled off the painter's tape. It worked well, other than it ripped a few of the boards when pulling it off.

Myles and Edison sharing a laugh.

After painting, we played hopscotch by shapes.

Next, we threw chalk paint balloons at our target.

However, they looked much more colorful on our newly refinished road.

The announcement of "CUPCAKES!"
The crowd went wild.

Loved using these mini painting palletes for the toppings.

Birthday girl was tuckered out after partying!

It was a great morning and I loved seeing Emma so excited about her party and getting into all of the birthday hype.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stats for Myles!

We had Myles 4 month check-up, but with the move and getting into our pediatrician here, it was closer to 5 months old. Close enough. At almost 5 months, Myles…

Weight:  16 lbs 6 oz…….51 %tile
Height:  26.4 inches…….77 %tile
Head:  43.7 cm………….86 %tile

  • Sleeps usually 8:00-7:00 ish (sometimes more, sometimes less) and typically wakes up once in the early morning to eat.
  • Likes to be swaddled for sleep. Favorite place to sleep is being held, but coming in a close second is on his belly. I know, I know, "Back to Sleep." What can I say? He's the third child and I'm learning to roll with whatever works a lot more.
  • Loves his binki.
  • Actually likes his car seat now, especially when his brother is sitting next to him.
  • Started oatmeal cereal and is ready for something else!
  • Smiles easily and has a chuckle that can break anyone's bad mood in this house!
  • Loves hugs and kisses.
  • Always watching what Luke and Emma are up to.

  • ….And he's a lady's man. :)

    • Myles and Oakley (6 weeks apart). My friend, Whitney, and I had all three of our kids within a few months of each other. The only downside to that is she makes it look so easy to have three kids! I feel like I still need a sweat band wherever I go. 

      Love our Mister Myles.

      Monday, July 6, 2015

      A Hiking We Will Go

      When you have numerous trails within minutes of your home and afternoon church, it is the perfect Sunday morning outing.

      Reaching the gate, our turn around point!


      We continued celebrating our freedom by swimming at our neighborhood pool, grilling out, lighting off our selection of firecrackers and watching the town's display of fireworks. It was a busy, but oh-so-enjoyable day.

      Emma changed into her party gear and accessorized herself for the evening festivities. 

      Helping me prepare the BBQ sides.
      Shout out to Bryan for the gorgeous roses.

      The kids loved this and literally ate it up.

      Myles rocking his patriotic, pearl snap button outfit.

      Oh, he is so kissable!!

      After the BBQ, we changed into pajamas and started the pyrotechnic part of the night.

      Oohs and Aahs were audible.

      Luke was loving it.

      If the noise level could go down a level, Emma would give it a two thumbs up.

      Even with the noise, I think she still liked it. :)

      Doing silly faces to help pass the time before the fireworks show started at 9:45…
      Or Bryan about to lose his mind with us crazies!! 

      Myles almost made it until show time, okay, not even close.
      The first couple startled him, but he was cashed out after a busy day.

      The token firework picture.
      Love celebrating the 4th. Love our freedom.