Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Final Stop before Colorado

We stopped one night in Brigham City to visit Tom, Staci and Sadie. Rick, Jasmine and Laney also made it up for dinner. It was great to see everyone! Tom pulled out all the stops and made homemade root beer and smoked chicken. Delicious. My kids were guzzling that root beer. It did taste so good.

Myles reaction when I told him we were headed to Brigham City.

We had a lot of time in the car together and may have become bored at some points.

Staci had the magic touch with Myles and he loved snuggling up with her.

My pictures are rather lacking for this stop along our way. Maybe it's because we were there less than 24 hours? Or I was already exhausted with the thought of unpacking the house?? It was great to see family.

Aunt Helen and Uncle Roger

These two people have always been "the fun ones." I was grateful that timing worked out so we were able to catch up with them at their home. Great memories were made there, and continue to be!

We love you!


Bryan and I knew that we were feeling quite a bit of stress the last month or so in California trying to pack up the house, juggle different jobs, adjusting to three kids and just managing life! However, I don't think either one of us realized how stressed we were until we arrived in Boise and had so much help!! We both felt like we could take a deep breath and actually relax. Bryan's parents and family were amazing to help us out anyway they could and we really appreciated their time and efforts made towards our family. It truly felt like a refuge from the storm. It recharged both of our batteries and our kids had a blast. It was exactly what each of us in this family needed.

4-wheeler rides are always a hit with Grandpa!

Grandpa even let Luke hitch a ride while mowing the lawn.

The Boise cousins brought over their chickens one night. Huge hit with our kids. I think we might unintentionally be raising some city slickers.

 Princess Belle (AKA Emma) also graced us with her presence that night.

The kids went swimming every day while we were there with their cousins! Love our cousins! 

Myles loved cuddling with Grandma.

Myles tried out cereal for the first time and seemed to think and act like he was ready for steak.

The baby cousins meeting each other.

Logan and Myles.
Logan is actually 5 weeks younger than Myles…such a handsome guy!

Floated a creek close to grandma and grandpa's house. It was perfect for the kids.

Emma opted out of the last float down the creek so we chilled on the grass and enjoyed some girl time.

Thank you Steve & Carrie and Greg and Tiff! Such a wonderful time and great memories!!!

She's Going Places

Oh, Emma. You are so much fun right now.

Moving Day-June 4th.

We packed up the house, movers loaded up the trailer, towed the accord and then headed for Boise on our way (more or less) to Colorado. The last item wasn't loaded until close to 6 pm that night. That made for a late start on our 8 hour journey to Boise. The kids did well and slept the majority of the time, thank goodness! I felt like I had mixed emotions leaving California. I was thrilled to be heading back to Colorado, but I loved our home and we had made lots of good memories as a family the last year, even amidst all of the craziness and stress at times.  I don't think Bryan shared my sentiments-he could not get out of there fast enough! :) Let a new chapter begin.


The kids had their first "official" visit to the dentist. They both did great. Luke was a champ and followed directions really well. Emma was feeling shy, but after watching Luke decided it would be fun to "ride" in the dentist chair and have her teeth counted. The hygienist and dentist were awesome, too bad they are located in California!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Preschool Graduation

Luke's preschool graduation was quite the big deal for Luke. They recited their "zoo-phonics," accepted their diplomas and partied hard! Ms. Kristy was perfect for Luke this year. Above all else, she made Luke feel loved and his confidence really grew. There's no denying the smile below, he loved preschool.


The kids gave each other awards. Luke's was "The best and fastest 'tag' player."

Micah and Luke were best of preschool pals.

We "made"these diplomas again. Always a hit with the preschool graduates.

A little thank you for Ms. Kristi for such a great year.