Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tummy Time

These were taken 2 weeks ago and I already feel like Myles looks bigger! He hasn't made up his mind on tummy time. This go around, he cozied right up to the play mat.

A few bonus pics. 

Who doesn't love a baby in a bow tie?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What a Difference a Day Can Make

We decided to transition Emma's crib to a toddler bed and diapers to underwear, all in the same day. She was definitely ready for it. I just had to convince myself that I was ready. With a few treats and a sticker chart, this girl potty trained herself in one day. It was amazing. Hopefully I didn't jinx it. She's done well with her bed, too. She was already climbing in and out of her crib. We thought it might be the responsible thing to eliminate a broken arm in the middle of the night and convert it to her toddler bed. She is quite the big girl these days.

Rockin' the undies with the rain boots. 

My favorite part about this entire day was when Emma and me went to Target to pick out her underwear and treats. Stay with me. This was the first time in a long time that just the two girls went to a store, for no other purpose than something for this little one. Oh my. Emma is such a girlie girl. We stopped and looked at purses, princess and pony hats, shoes, jewelry, all initiated by Emma. She even insisted that I try on a pair of sandals. It was one of those times that makes the harder times pale in comparison. I loved spending this "girly time" with her, every second. 

Luckily, she's too young to venture into the items behind her. :)

This is proof  that I do attempt to do her hair. Attempt. 

3 Months!

Myles is 3 months today! He is changing so quickly. His reflux or whatever was really bothering him has let up a little bit. We definitely still have times where I can tell his stomach is unsettled, but he seems to be improving. He loves to be cuddled when he's ready to go to sleep. His favorite place to sleep during the day is still in the wrap. He is sleeping more and more in the bouncer, swing and bed. It's making me feel like maybe I won't be wearing him in that wrap until he is 18 years old. :) It is sweet and fun to see more of his personality. He is quick to smile, especially with his brother and sister. We found several ticklish spots by his neck that will get a few chuckles out of him.

Myles' and my favorite spot in the afternoon.

He's a good sport to play 'HeadBanz' with this crew.

This bouncer has got a lot of use…maybe even more use than Emma's swimsuit. :)

Hide And Go Seek

The kids love to play this when we go to the park, especially with their dad. Bryan sent me this picture and it made me chuckle. Apparently, I need to work on their hiding skills at home before sending them out into the world.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Monterey: Aquarium

The next day we hit up the aquarium. It lived up to its hype. We had a blast.

Emma was afraid the giant clam was going to slam shut on her.
Valid concern.

Wave simulator. Very cool.

Looking at seals or sea lions. There was even a whale spotting while we were there, but we were unable to confirm that ourselves. 

Our lunch spot.

Little sunny for this cool dude.

After the entire morning and some of the afternoon at the aquarium we decided to pack it up and head home. We could have easily stayed another couple of hours. 

Monterey: Big Sur and Point Lobos

Once again, we decided to leave town last minute. I really have a hard time planning anything beyond a few hours right now, so this spontaneity is working for me! We headed down to check out Monterey and a portion of the Big Sur.

Road Trippin'!

The addition of the headphones was a huge success.

Myles is unsure of this whole headphones thang.

We rolled into the the timeshare (shout out and thanks again to Bryan's parents), made dinner and swam in the pool. We cashed in early to prepare for a busy tomorrow.

The next morning we headed down to the beach. The kids loooovvveed playing in the sand. I should have thought about this twice and done this at the end of the day. Oh well!

After the beach, we headed down the coast to check out some Big Sur country. It was breath taking. 

Bixby Bridge.

We "hiked" to a view point of McWay Falls. Amazing. 

We were warned about this…

it looks like this…

…and if you touch it, it can look like this.
They weren't joking when they said, "may cause a severe rash or blisters." Check and check.


We saw about a dozen California Condors. These guys are huge. We learned that a sighting like this is extremely rare. They almost became extinct, as in only a couple dozen were left in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, there are a little over 400 in the world. Each bird was tagged on its wing. Maybe there was some truth to this story we were told.

Myles' first selfie.

Stopped for a treat on our way to Point Lobos.

Made it to Point Lobos and hiked around. Spotted seals. We actually smelled them before we saw them.

"Smile! We're having a great time, Dang It!" :)

That night we decided to check out the tide pools. Well, low tide was not that low, so we mostly just played on the rocks and watched the waves roll in. Love the ocean.