Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Itch for Service

Last Saturday, we headed down to Auburn Ravine Trail to help with a service project. We were assigned to remove the grass and weeds from around the trees with cages.  We learned that the cages are there to keep the beavers out. It is such a pretty area that we have visited several times for walks or to take pictures. After the project was complete, they had chili hot dogs, chips and a drink waiting for us. Uh, so much for trying to teach our kids about service without that "immediate reward." :) They actually tasted sooo good.

As it turns out, the chili dogs weren't the only thing that Bryan walked away with on Saturday. A day or two later, he started with a rash that has now evolved to this. We're guessing Poison Ivy or Poison Oak? We have no idea how everybody else stayed clear, but are so glad the kids don't have anything. 

We are open to suggestions if someone has a miraculous cure for this dang rash!

Monday, April 20, 2015


We spontaneously decided to go explore a little more of Northern California last weekend. It helps a ton when we can use the Bonus Time on Bryan's parents' time share---thanks Steve and Carrie! We escaped to Windsor for a few nights and did a day trip to Bodega Bay. Luke and Emma were ecstatic to be going to a "hotel" and go swimming. Myles did really well with the trip. The hardest part was just that dang car seat. He still views it as his personal torture chamber after 20 minutes.

Emma offering her help to hold things down on the luggage cart.
We couldn't get settled fast enough! These kids were ready to hit the pool!

I stayed on the sidelines this time with Myles. Bryan was more fun that I ever would have been in the pool. Train rides, canon ball contests, "shark" etc. He was definitely the "fun dad" at the pool.

The next day we headed to Bodega Bay. The drive there was beautiful. We stumbled across this spot for our lunch. Not too shabby of a view. I imagine on a sunny day it is even more stunning. The waves were breaking so hard on the rocks that it gave it almost a geyser effect. Very entertaining.

Hiked Bodega Head. 
This is where we also saw whales! This was my first time seeing a whale in the wild, so awesome! They had volunteers out on the point that wore green vests that said "whale watchers" and would help you spot the whales and tell you about them. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The wildflowers were gorgeous.

After our hike, we headed down to the beach. NorCal beaches are not warm. Gorgeous-yes. Warm-no. I feel like every time I go to the beach here it might be "semi-warm." Nope. Not once. The kids had fun until Luke got caught by one of the waves, that was "checkmate." We swam again that evening and everyone was in bed early that night to recover from the busy day.

Sunday morning we had a slow start. So nice to have those mornings! We headed to the pool after breakfast for one more round of swimming and then we packed it up. We took a detour on the way home through "wine country." My pictures are extremely lacking. I couldn't believe hillside after hillside covered with vineyards. The wineries were impressive, to say the least. Bryan and I really wanted to go inside one just to see it all. Can you imagine the looks we would get strolling in there with our 3 kids?!? Who knows, maybe they would have insisted on more than just a sample for Bryan and me. Yeah, we kept driving.

The only purchase we did make in wine country…and some grapes that were freshly picked.

It was a great get-away. Now, back to reality!

2 Months!

Myles is 2 months old! We had his check-up and his stats are as follows:

Weight:  12.35 lbs …...(55th %tile)
Height:   24 inches……(90th %tile)
Head:     15.75 inches...(79th %tile)

I was relieved to see that he is growing well. Sometimes with that darn reflux I wondered if he was getting anything at times! Obviously, he was and is. :) I think his relfux might be a little improved, or I've learned how to better help him. Either way, I'm hopeful that we'll just continue to find what works. I love when his stomach is settled, he really is so smiley and sweet. We love this little guy. Luke and Emma dote on Myles so much that he is never deprived of attention.

He loves:

  • Being swaddled
  • Binki
  • Snuggling with mom
  • The Moby Wrap
  • Emma and Luke's antics to get him to smile, which they have a high success rate
He doesn't love:
  • His carseat (however,  we are making progress, a few weeks ago we did preschool carpool and he didn't cry the entire time!)
  • Being put down to sleep
  • Bumbo chair-I thought he might like to be a "big boy"-yeah, I struck out. He is still too little for that and he let me know it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


We celebrated my birthday last week! Bryan really stepped up to the plate and spoiled me.

He arranged an afternoon massage then lined up a babysitter for Luke and Emma so we could try out a new Thai restaurant (thankfully, even Myles behaved and we really enjoyed our dinner and outing together). We finished the night off with my birthday cake from my favorite bakery, "Nothing Bundt Cakes." It was a great day!

I think Bryan was focusing, excuse the pun, on the game going on behind us! :)


We did the traditional dyeing of Easter Eggs. We used KoolAid this year and last year. I like the smell of this method so much more than the vinegar. 

The kids were really into dipping the eggs into different colors to see what new color they would end up with.

Myles was thrilled to be part of the action.

Emma was a little more "hands on."

It did wash off in the bath.

The Easter bunny came outside and caught all of us by surprise! It was pretty fun. He even left a basket full of goodies.

Inside, the kids enjoyed their Easter egg hunt and basket finding. The highlights of the baskets were kites, bubbles and a motorcycle lego for Luke and lip gloss for Emma.

Oh, and these ginormous suckers were a hit, as well.

Again, Myles was ecstatic with all of the excitement. :)

Happy Easter!

Getting Out

We had a couple open houses and several showings (where people don't actually show-that's nice) in which we need to vacate the premises. We headed to the train museum one Saturday.

This guy was very entertaining with his mad puppet skills.

Emma thought it was just plain freaky.

This was the first weekend that the train rides were up and going again. Luke loves trains. This "train stage" is going on 2+ years. Thankfully, he is over the 'Thomas the Train' TV show. He's much more into the real life trains-as in we You Tube lots of videos on steam, passenger,  and freight trains etc.

The next Saturday we cashed in on a groupon deal to an indoor fun park. 

Emma getting her game face on.

Myles did well on both outings. He is starting to tolerate his carseat a little bit better. Luke does a good job assisting with binki duty and making silly faces that help keep Myles happy in the car (for at least 5 minutes-baby steps).  :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Here we go again! :) The house is officially listed. We've had a few nibbles, but no offers. Once the house sells (hopefully soon!) we will be making our way back to Colorado.  I have LOVED the weather 3/4 seasons here (Summer here is just ridiculously hot). Having Myles in California in February was perfect. We could still get outside and enjoy the sunshine. It was the biggest pick-me-up to soak up that sun while trying to adjust to a new baby and other life changes. We wish that we could have crossed off a few more of our California adventure spots. We are determined to cross off one more before moving, Yosemite.

 Bryan will be starting with his brother as a financial planner. Bryan spends his days juggling work, family and now studying for his Series 7. He is a busy man! We're very excited to be headed back to Colorado and for Bryan's job opportunity. You never know where exactly life might take you! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Little Off The Top

Well, it happened. 




Snip. Snip.

I need to take a picture with her hair actually done. I know, it doesn't happen too often with this natural curl. That's probably why she cut her hair-she doesn't like me to do it, but hates having her hair in her eyes. Bryan commented that he thought her bangs looked cute, and I had to agree. Too funny-we might have a cosmetologist in the making. However, the scissors are still out of reach.

Point Reyes, Round Two

Bryan, his dad, Luke and Emma headed out for a quick overnight trip to Point Reyes.  Carrie, Myles and I held the fort down back at home. I thought they were quite adventurous!  I think the gale-force winds at the beach put a "slight damper" on some of the fun. However, if there's a tent and chocolate, you don't need much else to have a successful camping trip with Luke and Emma.

Yep, just a little ocean breeze.

Bryan and Steve setup a make-shift wind breaker.

Luke and Emma setup their own wind breaker, too.

Lucky kids.