Friday, February 27, 2015

2 weeks

Myles is 2 weeks old! This always feels like a milestone of sleep deprivation. :) Even though it's only been a couple of weeks we are already learning lots about our newest family member. He loves to be held and snuggled, is a good eater, sleeps best in the afternoon and night, likes the attention Luke and Emma give him and how they "run to the rescue" whenever they hear him cry. He dislikes having his diaper changed, especially the cold wipes part, not the biggest fan of baths and if you try to give him a binki to "stall him," you better think twice!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Luke and Emma love Myles. As in, they love to tell anyone and everyone about their new baby brother. They never pass up an opportunity to hold him, give him loves or "pet him" as Emma would say. They are quick to find items I need to help Myles and have done well (all things considered) with the neglectful mother that I have become to their needs.

Emma and Luke offering gifts to Myles.

Yep, I have a hard time trusting these helpful hands sometimes. :)

We definitely have our "real" moments. I can't document those as easily because I usually have my hands wrapped around someones arm…or neck (ask Bryan, or rather Luke, about that one--Ha!). However, we have also had plenty of sweet moments that make me think…we might just be doing okay.


We decided to take Luke and Emma bowling while Grandma and Myles had some bonding time at  home. It was a fun outing and I loved being able to give my complete attention to these two rascals.

Think Bryan has a mini me? Check out both of them with their tongues!


I cannot describe how extremely helpful my parents were when they came out to help with the addition of Myles. Just a few things they "helped" with while they were here:  laundry, meals, landscaping (thank you dad), grocery runs, entertainment of Emma and Luke, errand running, cleaning, but most importantly we felt so loved and spoiled to have them here with us.
My parents opened their mission call while they were visiting. They were called to the Tokyo Japan Mission! We are so excited for them. I know that they will continue to be a great influence and bless lives while they serve there. I am very grateful for their example. Selfishly, I'm also a little sad that we have to share them for 18 months. I told Luke we could make a really, really long paper chain when they leave. :)

It was a sad day when they had to fly home. We love them and appreciate EVERYTHING they did for our family.

Mister Myles

My parents flew in on the 11th and my induction was scheduled for the 12th. Everything appeared to be lining up until I called the morning of the 12th to make sure they had a room for me in Labor and Delivery. Sadly, I was told that they were completely full and "elective" inductions were being bumped. "Elective" in whose eyes?!? We stayed close that day because they kept dangling the carrot that maybe they could get me in later. Well, nothing happened that day, so they called me at almost 11 PM that night to confirm that I was on the schedule for tomorrow at 6:30 AM Nice heads up. (Luckily, I had already called in hours earlier and found out the game plan.) I kept telling Bryan that I would believe that we were having this baby once I was holding him in my arms. :)
Well, the morning of the 13th arrived and after being in a holding pattern at the hospital for a few hours, the induction was finally under way. It was probably my most difficult labor (how can I even type that when I choose to get epidurals??) but easiest delivery. It was so tender and sweet to finally be holding Myles in my arms and welcoming him to our family. He weighed in at 8 pounds 3 oz and was 20.5 inches long. He is perfect.

Heading Home!

He tends to be most awake in the morning time. 

I guess this is what happens with the third child. I have two pictures documenting his first bath, and the other one is blurry. :) He is obviously not a fan of his baths, but he does looooove getting his hair washed.

 He is such a snuggler (darn it)! We are all quite smitten by him. 

Welcome Baby Myles.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baby Myles

We are counting down the days until Myles makes his arrival! Grandma and Grandpa get in next week and then we will be good to go!
This has not been my easiest pregnancy, but I know many women have it worse, so I'll leave it at that. I had my Dr. appt today and there's a chance that he will induce me at the end of next week. Fingers crossed! They're "guesstimating" Myles to be a 9 pound plus baby. So, I'm all about expediting this process. I can't wait to hold this sweet baby and kiss those chubby cheeks.
I'm definitely more relaxed this go around when it comes to my nesting. Maybe it's kid #3? Life? Or me just being lazy? At any rate, it's been very refreshing, not exhausting for me to "nest" for this baby.

Myles' luxurious nursery. 
Both Luke and Emma lived for a couple months in our closet after they were born. I realized that maybe I should start there, rather than trying to figure out sleeping arrangements and sharing of rooms from day one. I only need to add the glider chair and then it is complete. :)

Some sweet friends hosted a baby shower for me at Cheesecake Factory. It was such a fun night and made me realize how blessed I am to know these gals.

We're all excited and ready for Baby Myles to join or family!

Date Night

Bryan and I decided it would be fun to take Emma and Luke out on their own date night. A little extra one-on-one time before baby brother makes his debut. The kids picked their restaurant of choice. They each chose McDonald's. We went to different McDonald's with the thought that it would make it "more  special" if they didn't have their brother or sister there. Uh, hello? It's McDonald's.  After dinner there were other activities planned, but we'll have to rain check those for another time. The activity turned into playing on the play equipment at McD's, the entire time! Even if it was just a fast food restaurant with a petri dish of germs on the play equipment, it was great to have that alone time with each kiddo.


Winter here is wonderful. 60-70 degree temperatures. Lots of sunshine, minimal wind. I know that we will want snow again….maybe… I'm loving the change this winter. So easy to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and burn off some energy. They even opened the park last week that is within walking distance from our house. I think we've already been three times.

Luke had a friend over the other day and they had a great time chasing dragons and bad guys (with foam swords, not the rusty machete) in the backyard. Emma was content to dig for buried treasure…but only as "Super Emma."

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

Nope, it is exactly what you think. A 2-year-old with a rusty machete sword and a 4-year-old with 4 blunt tip arrows. All of which are the real deal. The scariest part, we haven't even thrown a newborn baby in this mix yet.  I've lost my mind and any parenting skills I may have acquired in the past several years with one picture.