Thursday, September 18, 2014

Game Time

We signed Luke up for soccer and he's been excited from the moment we told him. He broke in his shin guards by wearing them for several days before soccer began. This kid, he cracks me up with his enthusiasm.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Not the most popular day of the year around here. However, these two kiddos did great. Luke was an all-star big brother and led the way for a timid Emma. There were 2 shots for Emma and 3 shots for Luke. They were tough and bounced back quickly. After the check-ups we grabbed a slurpee and hit up a local park.

Luke knew what was in store for him that morning and eased into the day.

Luke's stats:
    Ht:  43 in      96th %tile
    Wt:  45.2 lbs 96th %tile

Emma's stats:
    Ht: 35 in      77th %tile
    Wt: 25.8 lbs 30th %tile

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday to Luke!

Monday was Luke's birthday and we had a blast making this kid feel extra loved and special all day long. We started the day off with making a breakfast he requested: Waffles AND pancakes with hot chocolate and sprinkles. Quite delicious. Next, he headed to preschool where he received a "birthday crown" that he is still wearing today. He chose Chick-Fil-A for lunch and after naps was his fishing party. It seemed like that party would n-e-v-e-r come to one little boy, but the time finally arrived when he heard that doorbell ring. Oh my! So much excitement!


Luke felt the love from all of the family and friends that called and sent cards/packages to let him know that he is loved.

He literally hugged this package from his buddy.
(Don't mind Emma photo bombing this tender moment)

Another buddy sent him his first lego set-he loved it and stayed focused most of the time. Is he really old enough to be getting into this???

Always a jokester.

There were lots of preparations for the party. Picking out goldfish,

decorating the birthday sign,

and painting the "fishing bobbers" Luke helped me with all of it.

Kicked the party off with "Fish On." The kids tried to eat the gummy worm off of the string without (ideally) using their hands. Hilarious. We played this until I ran out of gummy worms.

Sometimes the worm fought back.

Next up was the traditional fishing game.

Each kid reeled in a bubble gun and put it to immediate use.

The last game we tossed ping pong balls to catch a real goldfish. 

Bryan created Luke's rainbow trout birthday cake.

Party favors.

 First words out of his mouth when he unwrapped his bow and arrows, "Yes! Dad, now I can go hunting with you!"

Happy Birthday Luke!
We love you.

Marshall Gold Discovery State Park

On Saturday we visited Marshall Gold Discovery State Park. The museum was small, but well done. I liked learning a few more facts about the gold rush. On the second Saturday of each month, docents are dressed in period clothes and work in various stores/stations in the old town area of the park. We specifically went on this Saturday for that reason. Well, due to unusually hot weather, (the high was 104 that day) the docents were not out and about. Boo-hoo. We shouldn't have been out either. Can you say scorcher?!? 

Replica of Sutter's Mill.

Breaking for a picnic.

 They had a dress up station that was the biggest hit of the trip.

Luke was all business with that gun in his possession.

I would love to go back when it's 70 degrees and there's a little more to do. Timing is everything-we were off this go around. :)