Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It Has Arrived

Flashback to this post. Well, Bryan's "souvenir" from the trip arrived in the form of a HUGE bear rug. Bryan strategically left the rug out in our bedroom for me to discover late when night when coming home from Bunco. I literally screamed...and promptly walked to the bathroom. 3 out of the 4 members of this family are big fans of the rug. I bet you can't guess who is still on the fence???

I don't know if Bryan has ever felt more proud...

...and then this happened. She is still a girly girl.

Well, the kids loved the bear rug so much that we thought it might be best to let it "hibernate" for a few
years months before finding a more permanent spot for him.

Grandma Utah

Luke calls my mom, "Grandma Utah." I really think we should start transitioning to "Grandma Mona" or "Grandma Kotter", but it's just so darn cute how he says it that I'm willing to roll with it for awhile longer. We had so much fun while she was here. I always feel like my batteries recharge when she's here-she probably feels like her batteries are zapped! :)

We went on walks and checked out the "mighty machines".

Visited our neighborhood park.

Went to the zoo. Emma has zero fear. I feel like I need to keep a closer eye on her than Luke at times!

Played A LOT with grandma around the house. 

Love this look Emma is giving her Grandma.

It was a sad ride home from the airport after we dropped her off. Poor Luke was inconsolable. Emma wasn't quite sure what was going, but felt the sadness and joined right in with Luke. I thought, "boy, am I that bad???" But, I have to admit, I was sad too, because she really is that  great.  :)

Valentine's Day!

My mom flew in the night before Valentine's Day and we kept it a surprise for Luke and Emma. When Luke woke up Valentine's morning and discovered that Grandma was here he was in heaven. He promptly started showing Grandma what was new around the house (as in his new toys from Christmas). He told me later that day, "I'm just so happy Grandma came to see me. She makes me so happy." I don't think we'll be able to do another Valentine's day when Luke feels more loved than that!

We enjoyed a festive breakfast and exchanged Valentines. 

My mom brought an entire suitcase (literally, the suitcase was full) of my favorite bread for me. This makes the most delicious toast. Since I eat toast for about 90% of my breakfasts, I was elated. It's the simple things. :)

Bryan and I both worked that day. My mom stayed with the kids and even volunteered to take Luke and Emma to a Valentine's party. I don't know if their day could have been any better!