Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Emma @ 18 months

Emma screamed as soon as I walked into the exam room at the Doctor's office. Poor girl. She totally remembers the shots, the ear prodding and all of the fun that sometimes accompanies a trip to the doctor. However, I love our pediatrician and he was able to calm her down (more than I was able to!) and get a thorough exam. In which, he found another ear infection. Is that bad that I thought, "At least it saved us a separate visit"??? Overall, Emma is healthy and continuing along her petite growth curve.

Height: 31 1/4 in........31st %tile
Weight: 22 lbs 4 oz....45th %tile
Head: 47 cm...............70th %tile

A few fun things about Emma...

She is generally such a happy girl and it is contagious.

"Happiest girls are the prettiest girls."-Audrey Hepburn

She asks for Luke first thing when she wakes up in the morning or after her naps. She cries every time he leaves for preschool.

Loves to be a "big kid."

Is a borderline hoarder. 

Is a goof. Loves to try on any accessory, hat, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Has curly hair! It usually looks like mad scientist hair, but when it is tame, there are lots of curls.
We love having Emma in our family.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Day of Firsts

Yesterday was Luke's first day as a Sunbeam! He was very excited to go to the "big boy" class and sing songs with "James's Mom." Bryan took Luke into the Primary room and he said he pretty much told him to leave. Little Mr. Independent. When I asked Luke if he liked primary, he exclaimed, "Yes! It was GREAT!" Oh this boy, he is so much fun right now.

A few shots before church as we talked about the "finer" points of Sunbeams.

"You mean I get to sit for a really long time???"

"Wait, toys?!?"

Well, everyone else is really excited about this Sunbeam thing, so "I guess it'll be fun."

It was also Emma's first day of Nursery! She walked right over to the toys and didn't even notice when I stepped out. I keep my fingers crossed that she'll continue to like Nursery. 

Feeling like the big girl on campus.

Queen Emma. :)

Love these silly, spunky and sassy kids.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Great Start

Two days into 2014 and I feel like we're off to a great start! How could I think otherwise when I look out the window and see this?

New Year. New Do.

Happy New Year! We decided it was time for Luke to try out the "clean cut" hair-do. We also thought it might be nice if he could see.

Thought about the mullet. He does make it look good. 

The one moment when I second guessed our decision.

The new do! I still can't believe how different he looks! He is definitely still the same spunky and silly kid...just seems 5 years older. The looking older part is what makes it hard, not those curls on the floor anymore! Time passes so quickly!

Christmas Cheer

One Sunday, the kids were dressed up in their Christmas best. I thought it was an ideal time to snap a few pictures before heading off to church. We were even going to be on time (gasp!) . Well, I guess my ideal was different than the kids' version of ideal. :)

Yep, focused on the tree, not the kids. It's the one decent picture that I took!

Very natural.

Well, better luck next year!

I decided to throw in a few extra pictures of Luke with Santa. I opted out of fighting with Emma to place her on this stranger's laugh. Luke was all about the candy cane. He told Santa he wanted "presents."

Christmas Day

Luke woke up Christmas morning at 6:45 and we held him off until 7:15. We woke Emma up and hurried downstairs to see what surprises Santa left under the tree.

First, we searched our stockings and found some "awesome" gifts.

Even the 'Cars' underwear was a hit. I thought these might be viewed as a lump of coal.

Emma had a fairly delicate approach with opening her stocking and gifts.

Luke was not as delicate. :) He was all business.

We each received a box of "sugar cereal" that we enjoyed for our Christmas breakfast. Or, if you were Emma, you enjoyed it all morning long.

I knew she really liked her horse when she offered it her 'Cookie Crisp' cereal.

Can you tell she loved her new coat from Grandma and Grandpa Nielson???

Quite infatuated with her baby doll and giving the baby her binki.

Practicing so he can go fishing with his dad.

Santa dropped off a present that contained 6 foam swords for Luke! I'm beginning to think Santa had Luke's Mom and Dad on his naughty list. These swords are used daily, whether some of us want to participate or not!

Also, I think Santa thought these were chapsticks and not lipsticks! 

Lovin' the scooter.

" one needs to tell Luke."

Luke loved his new race track from Grandma and Grandpa Utah.

Bryan is still perplexed how the Prius beat out every other toy car.

I loved watching home videos that my parents put onto DVD and gave to us. The above picture is my Dad and Mom on their wedding day. 

That night we enjoyed New England Boiled Dinner. It is a recipe from my Grandma Kotter that is one of my favorites that my mom would make. It turned out delicious! I also learned a trick or two for the next round so I don't end up with a gallon of gravy. :) 

It was a wonderful day!
Merry Christmas!