Friday, June 28, 2013

Date Night

Bryan and I copied another friend's idea of alternating who plans the date night each time. I think our dates are more fun because we're each taking turns in the planning stages. Bryan planned our most recent date, it was a great night.

Started off at the shooting range. Bryan brought several of "our" guns for me to try out. I shot one of the guns that Bryan gave to me for Christmas...and I really liked it. At Christmas, I may have given him some grief about his choice of presents for me, but I took all of those words back.

Don't mess with me, most importantly, don't mess with my kids.

Somewhat startling side note, Bryan told me that most "encounters" happen at 15 feet OR LESS! That is frighteningly close.

After the shooting range we tried out a Vietnamese  restaurant, 'Pho 777'. It was tasty! Bryan ordered actual pho. It is a fresh soup with meat and vegetables that you can add to your liking.

Tried out a smoothie with "boba" per a friend's recommendation. I have no idea what boba is made  from and neither did our waiter. The black balls that you see in the bottom of the cup are boba. It was pretty yummy.

Following dinner, we did a sunset hike/walk near Castle Wood Canyon. 

This was my favorite part of date night. I loved sitting here with Bryan and just talking about anything and everything.

This was probably Bryan's favorite part of date night. Walking back to the car, this rattlesnake let us know that we were too close for his liking and began to warn us with his rattle. Yikes! Bryan had to provoke it a little before we could leave it alone. 

We topped off the night with some frozen yogurt and ate it under the stars, ah, romantic! :) 
This is going to be a hard date to beat!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sandy Sand Sand

I cannot believe that I am about to type the following, the kids have a sand box. That was one of my "I'll never ______ when I have kids." Just for the record, those words haunt me. Learn from me, hold your tongue. If, for some minuscule chance, there might be one or two of those "I'll never" phrases still holding true, I will not say them out loud for fear that, once again, karma will get me.
What can I say? The kids love the sand box and they actually play fairly well together in there. As in, Luke dumps sand on Emma's head and she laughs. As long as everyone is having fun and can still breath.

One of Luke's happiest trips to Lowes, obtaining the sand.

Not the sandy blonde look that Emma was going for.

"Get me out of here!"

Of course, I still try to maintain some cleanliness and control...yeah, right.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

A very happy father's day to this proud papa of Luke and Emma.

Bryan looks so similar in these pictures it almost appears that I just "photo-shopped" a hat onto our baby!

So lucky to have him!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Flashback Friday

I was going through my picture file this morning and came across this picture of Luke. It was taken right after Emma was born. I can't believe how much he has changed!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sand Dunes

Over the weekend we headed down to southern Colorado to explore the 'Great Sand Dunes' National Park.  I did a little research before going down and discovered that Medano Creek only runs through the sand dunes for a short period of time in the late Spring and early Summer. This year, it was only at a fifth of the flow that it normally is, but the kids loved playing in the water and sand. It was also nice not to worry that the little ones would be swept away. We went with several other families and had a blast! I'm sure that we will visit the Sand Dunes again, but I would only go while the Creek is running. I think it would be too hot, plus the water and sand combination is really what makes it so much fun with the kids.

 ***Warning, lots AND lots of pictures!***

Our destination for the weekend.

Emma helping us pack the car. She is such a little climber!

Wasting no time once we arrived! Lots of water, sand and friends to play with!

Found the Tonka truck at a garage sale before we left, it was a huge hit!

Emma ate so much sand and water, yuck! Her poor bottom is suffering...but, I don't think she would change a thing.

Our dinner area for Friday evening.

Let's Eat! 

Too busy to eat. Loading up the truck! 

Friday night was our first time sharing a hotel room as a family. There were a few learning curves for us, but overall I would give it a B-.

2 seconds after this picture, girly dived head-first onto the tile. It was worth the bruise to capture this picture. :)

Saturday morning we hiked to Zapata Falls. It was a 1-mile round trip hike. Beautiful hike! The water was freezing, but we only had to wade in it at the very end.

I threw this picture in because Emma loves the camera right now. She will ham it up whenever someone pulls out a camera and says her name.

Catching a quick nap between all of the excitement.

Back at the Sand Dunes for round 2 of fun in the sun!
Emma chilled in this chair for quite awhile just snacking and watching the chaos around her.

The never-ending journey to sled on the Dunes.

Well, Luke decided that the journey wasn't worth it and headed back to the water. Bryan was extremely grateful.

6 "big boys" and their sand castle.
We also had three 1-year-olds -ish and 2 babies.We were quite the crew!

"Don't lick my finger?"

"You mean, this finger?"

Saturday nigh we had a pizza party at the hotel pool. Perfect ending to a great trip!

 I realize that I'm rockin' a pretty good tan line on my legs. Time to hit up the outside pool! :)

The only girls out of 11 kids!