Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day. I love that I have the opportunity to reflect on the women in my life that have influenced me for the better. I feel so blessed to have two children who call me "mama".  One of my favorite quotes in regards to Mother's Day reads, "Life doesn't give you a manual, it gives you a Mother."

It's Always Fun When Grandma Comes

Grandma Carrie spent a few days with us while Bryan was away on his bear hunt. It was nice to break up the routine and the kids loved playing with Grandma. While Carrie was here she taught me how to make potato rolls, visited Lollipop Park,  enjoyed dinner with Carrie's cousin and husband,  played at the park and raced lots of trains and cars! Thanks for coming!

Friday, May 17, 2013

We're Going On A Bear Hunt...

Well, at least one of us went on a bear hunt and it may not exactly be the kind that you sing about.  This husband of mine was more nervous to ask permission for this trip than when he asked me to marry him.  Using Bryan's words,  "This would be the trip of a lifetime." The hunt was in British Columbia for 10 days with his dad, friend and his friend's dad. It sounded and looked like from the pictures that they had a fantastic time.

Sight seeing on their way to the hunting grounds.

They spotted bears, moose, deer, elk, seals, sea otters, sea lions, whales, billy goats, bald eagles, big horn sheep....and this little birdie.

Their transportation for the bear hunt. 
Yeah. Right.

This was actually their means of transportation for the bear hunt. Not too shabby. Bryan refers to this as, "40 feet of bliss."

Sleeping accommodations were slightly snug with 7 men and all of their gear...and food. At first, I thought Jeff brought a bag of potatoes on the trip, which struck me as odd. Then again, I've never hunted, so maybe that's a great hunting food. However, Bryan explained that their beds were also viewed as storage and Jeff just happened to have a few extra items to share his space. Note the TP in the hammock above Jeff's head. Got it.

Snug as a bug.

They fished off of the boat and caught quite a few of their meals.

In addition to the halibut and prawns they also ate ribs, crab, prime rib, ham and rib eye steak. 

They bathed in natural hot springs. This was the upper, larger pool.

This was the smaller pool where you would take your bath. Bryan said that there was "plug" that you would pull when you were done and it would drain. When you replaced the plug, the water from the upper pool would fill the smaller one. I think this is my favorite part of his vacation hunt.

The view from the hot springs.

I teased Bryan about wearing camouflage on the boat. I thought I brought up a very valid point that he should be wearing all white if he was worried about the bear spotting him. He kindly corrected me that the camo was used when they were on land hunting the bear and had to be ready at a second's notice. 

Cruising around on the boat in various inlets searching for bears.

It was exhausting sitting on the boat and looking for bears. :)

Once a bear was spotted they jumped in the smaller boats and headed for land.

"We're going on a bear hunt..."

**Warning, next picture is the proof of a successful bear hunt.**

Bryan is quite the man and brought down this 7-ft black bear. The guide said this is the biggest black bear that they have taken down in that area.  That's right, I'll brag for my husband. 

To answer a few questions that might be in your mind...

1) Bryan chose to make a bear rug-it will be ready in a year.
2) He did not keep the meat. No bear meat recipes needed.
3) Feel free to call him with any additional questions. :)

I'm glad that he had a great man trip and I'm even happier that he is home safe and sound! We sure missed him while he was away!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lollipop Park

Last week, we went to an indoor amusement park for kids. A friend found a deal on Groupon, so we jumped on board and we're so glad that we did! Luke had a blast. In fact, he had such a great time that I bought another Groupon to go there again. I was nervous that Luke might be hesitant about the rides and this mama does not have a stomach for spinning, but he was very independent. I loved watching him run from ride to ride with his pals. It was nice to have Grandma Carrie with us that day (she came for a few days while Bryan was a on a bear hunt--more info on the hunt later). We had a great time!

I will try to remember the camera next time. The phone on my camera wasn't quite fast enough for all of the action shots!