Thursday, March 28, 2013

Girls Trip

I met up with Darci, one of my roomies from the single days, in Las Vegas last weekend for some rest and relaxation. Bryan stayed with the little ones so I could actually relax. Again, I know it, I married well. The trip was AHHH. M.A.Z.I.N.G. We did a Spa day, chilled by the pool, shopped, ate tasty food and had a lot of laughs. It was a quick, but very rejuvenating trip.

Didn't take too long for both of us to turn into lobsters.

(Darc even won a smokin' $13 on the slots.) 

Loved being able to have a few days for fun, but I was so happy to see my little family again!

Saturday, March 23, 2013



I participate in a Bunco group that gets together once a month. It is a fun way to mingle and have some fun. I hosted March's Bunco.  Bryan was a champ and managed to wrestle both kids to bed with 12 rowdy women in the house playing "some dice game with a loud bell". Just a few days before Bunco was the baby shower and he took both kids out of the house for that event. He is a good man.

The Spread.

Striped straws and mason jars...I love this idea, obviously.

The Bunco Ladies.
(We all wore orange in support of Presley that night, see previous blog post.)

I feel so blessed to have such great friends. 

Presley's Quilt

Our friends found out last week that their daughter, Presley, has leukemia. Presley is one of Luke's pals. We have had them in our thoughts and prayers from the moment we found out. Presley has lots of friends in Colorado and we wanted to do something for her that she could have while be treated in Utah.
We thought it would be special to make her this quilt. (Thank you to Carrie, Bryan's Mom, for helping me with the quilt dimensions/math). All of Presley's friends loved doing their handprints and drawing for her.

Lots of love from Colorado for the Claverie family...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Little Man Shower

Last week my neighbors and I threw a shower for another neighbor, Suzanne. She is pregnant with a little miracle baby boy. We are thrilled for them!

The decor. 

The food. 

The guests.

The craft.  
Each guest chose a fabric piece, traced the stencil (neck tie, bow tie or mustache) and ironed it onto a bib, burp cloth or onesie. Pretty simple, but very cute!

 The loot.

The sweet and beautiful, mama-to-be.

So happy for you, Suzanne! We're excited to meet Baby Jack!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Patient

Last week, I clipped one of Luke's toenails that was slightly ingrown. I will admit that I'm not a Podiatrist, but I think Luke hammed it up just a little bit after my work was done.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

LUKE at 2 1/2 years

Luke is such a busy kid that I feel like I am always trying to come up with something different to spice things up for him! He is talking more and more and can be very entertaining to listen to. He loves to play and especially loves it when someone plays with him.

He is adapting to the Colorado winter of 60s one day and 8 inches of snow the next!

Luke loves his hot chocolate after shoveling the driveway with his dad.

He was really into play doh for awhile and loved to make cookies. He would even set the timer before putting them in his pretend oven. 

He is WAAY into 'Thomas the Train'. He loves to color and his favorite coloring book is the one that Grandma Kotter sent, Thomas the Train. We picked up a few more books about Thomas and Friends from the library to read at bedtime. The other night, Luke corrected me in regards to which train was Edward and which one was Gordon. Got it. 

He keeps busy playing with his 'Big Loader' set. He is content to watch it go around once or twice on its own, but is convinced that it needs his tender touch to do it correctly.

Lastly, Luke really does love to help out. I've started giving him little chores around the house. I think his three favorite chores are (1) emptying the dishwasher, (2) vacuuming (the vacuum is actually off because Luke is not too trusting of the vacuum) and (3) "washing" the windows with his own spray bottle of water. 

Luke is such a spunky, fun kid. We love his vivacious personality.

Emma at 8 months

Emma continues to be such an oh-so-sweet baby. She does have a playful/teasing side to her that Luke doesn't find as sweet when she demolishes his train tracks.

She went swimming for the first and LOVED splashing around.

She LOVES crawling under, through and rarely around things.

Manages to get into tight spaces rather easily, but has a hard time retracing her pathway in and usually "calls" for assistance. Her favorite (and most frustrating) place to crawl and climb is under the dining room table with all of the chairs. Inevitably, it ends with bonk and a few tears.

She LOVES to go shopping and is a good sport when the shopping cart gets a little bit cozy.

She is officially crawling, and LOVES being mobile. If she really wants something (like Luke's toys)  she will revert back to her speedy army crawl.

I can't believe how fast time is going. We sure LOVE this cutie.


For several weeks in late February and early March every year Denver restaurants offer a meal for two for $52.80. There are some restaurants that this is an amazing deal, where others it is just a few bucks off. It is always fun to try out new restaurants, especially when they turn out yummy! This year, our neighbors, The Millers, arranged a dinner date at a Hibachi Grill with several of our other neighbors during '5280 week'. It was a fun night. We feel so lucky to have such great neighbors and friends.

For the Grandmas and Grandpas

Luke is really into holding Emma and singing her a song before nap time. Emma actually really likes this new addition to her routine. ***TAKE is the correct video, not sure what happened.***