Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The 'P' Word

We are officially potty-training Luke. He actually expressed interest and when I baited him with a treat, he was hooked! Things have gone, shockingly, very smoothly. He loves his "Thomas the Train" underwear and takes great pride in keeping them clean. Here is a pic to enjoy of our days at home while potty-training. As much as I love this picture, Luke is going to hate it someday.

Lookin' good, Luke!

Friends and Fondue

We did our annual "Friends and Fondue" with couples from our church. I wish we could invite everyone, but our poor house was bursting at the seams. We had a great time and it appeared that others enjoyed themselves, as long as they didn't have a personal space issue. :)
I did the usual three stations:

1) bread and apples with cheese fondue 

2) meat and veggies with oil and broth fondue

3) dessert with dark and milk chocolate fountains, caramel and strawberry fondue.

Bryan was a bit aggressive with the fondue fountain and took some "to go".

2 of the 3 adorable little guys at the party! We ask that children (except babies, of course) be left at home for (1) safety-way too many cords and pots with boiling broth and oil and (2) it is nice to have a party where couples can mingle and not chase our kids! 

After fondue, we played a round of Pictionary-or made up Pictionary. I made the rules as we went (to favor my team, obviously, and I could NOT remember the rules). People were good sports about playing and it's always fun to include a game at a party.

A quick snapshot of the hosts. 
Until next year!

Monday, February 18, 2013


We had a nice, simple Valentine's Day.

We opened our Valentines' in the morning from each other and then later the kids and I went to a Valentine's party for Luke that his pal, Charlie, hosted.

Each guest took a turn getting their picture taken at the party.

Luke loves to hug his sister. (sometimes it resembles more of a choke hold)

After lunch, the kids decorated Valentine cupcakes. Luke managed to decorate most of his treats before the demolition began. This was the highlight for Luke. He woke up from his nap that day asking to go back to Charlie's to eat more cupcakes.

Emma chasing after Paxton, who according to his T-shirt, is taken. 
Already going after the wrong guys. :)