Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby Love

I hosted a baby shower for my good friend, Elizabeth, with the help from a lot of other good friends! It was a fun night with lots of great friends. We are blessed in our lives to be surrounded with such wonderful people.

Amazing Cake Pops made by Talisha.


The one glitch of the night was when I attempted to play a video...FAIL! :) 

 Opening the goods...

Elizabeth and me modeling the bow ties for baby boy. I sure do love this gal, congrats Elizabeth!

Pumpkin Carving

For last night's family night we decided to carve our pumpkins. 

You know the carving is getting serious when he starts sticking his tongue out.

Emma thought it was a blast watching us carve our pumpkins while  hanging out in her 1990's hand-me-down bouncer. Don't get me wrong, we have LOVED this chair with both of our kids.

The finished products. 
Can you tell that Luke was disappointed the night was coming to a close???

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Emma Pics

Seems like Luke has been getting quite a bit of face time, so I'll throw in some pictures of the "princess". :)

Such a sweet baby! 

Pumpkin Fest

Our neighborhood put on a little shin-dig for Halloween. I would say that I was a little less than impressed, but they did have a petting zoo that Luke loved. 

It happened to be 70+ degrees that day. Luke's fireman's costume was a little toasty. Hopefully it will be perfect for trick-or-treating this week. Emma's costume is still in the works, but I think it will be "dog-gone cute".

He's Two and He Knows It

While Rick and Jasmine were visiting, they helped us shoot Luke's 2-year pictures. Surprisingly, Luke was hamming it up. :)


 Things became fun when Luke discovered how to get his hands in his pockets.

However, it was much more entertaining when he realized he couldn't get his hands out of his pockets!

This last picture kills me. What can I say? There's just a tiny bit of attitude floating around our house these days.

Rick and Jasmine

Happy 1-year to these two love birds! We were lucky to see them again as Rick's work brought him through Denver. It was short, but fun! Hope to see you guys soon!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 4 Years to Us! It has been quite the adventure! In these few, short years we have had 4 different jobs, 4 different cars, 3 homes and 2 kids! It has been a busy time! Bryan gave me flowers and made us a fancy steak dinner last night to celebrate. Yes, he made me dinner...one more reason we are still happily married. :)

Gma and Gpa Nielson

Bryan's parents were able to come for a short visit after their road trip touring Colorado and catching the leaves at their peak.It was a chilly weekend, so we kept things pretty low key, but had a great time just hanging around the house!

 What's a visit from grandparents if you don't squeeze in a few projects around the house?

Aren't all home projects this much fun??? :)

Thanks again for coming!