Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Best Medicine

There are moments that can be difficult as a mom and other moments where there can be nothing better.

I just have to be careful that Luke doesn't get too carried away, sometimes he doesn't know his own strength (or does he?).  Love these two kiddos.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We stumbled across this great Pumpkin Patch when were trying to find a petting zoo. This place did have animals, but Luke wasn't too intrigued. They did have quite a few other attractions that Bryan and I enjoyed as much as Luke. The best part was that we practically had this place to ourselves. They opened on Thursday and we went on Friday. Our family had a blast.

A   H*U*G*E   trampoline.

A pyramid of hay, or is it straw?? I should know this. At any rate, Luke loved playing King of the Pyramid on it.

A pumpkin patch with great pickin's.

The rule in our family for picking your pumpkin: If you can carry it, you can have it...

We've got a winner!

Duck races. This might be one of the attractions where Bryan and I became competitive. Anyone that  saw Bryan and me probably rolled their eyes. For the record, I won.

A tunnel swing.


It was really windy, so Emma had to hang out in the stroller the entire time, but she didn't seem to mind.

They also had a hay ride, pony rides and train rides. We did the hay ride, but Luke wasn't too hip on the "rides" so we stuck with all of the other options. One of the biggest hits with our family was the 100 ft long RED NECK slide. We loved it.

And, yes that is the remains of a burlap sack that I'm sitting on. It makes you go even faster according to my red neck hubby. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Lazy Saturday

I realized that I never published this post from over a month ago! 

Bryan's schedule changed at the last minute one Saturday and he ended up having almost the entire day off of work. We decided to take advantage and headed up to Deckers to do a little fishing and playing in the water. We invited the Cramer family along and lucky us, they could join in the spontaneous fun. 

Slightly tangled in the line.

HApPy BiRThDay LukE!!!

Luke's 2-year stats:

Weight...32 lbs 5 oz...94th %tile
Height....38 inches.....100th+ %tile

Luke was a big boy from the beginning and has stayed that way! :)

We celebrated Luke's second birthday last Saturday by letting him eat fruit snacks and popsicles for every meal, not take a nap, drink from the gutter, scream "NOOO" as much as he wanted, vacuum the entire house 5 times and play in the middle of the rode with his stroller.  What??? He's two, he gets whatever he wants, right?!? The above would have been Luke's perfect day, but then his parents came along. Wah, Wah, Waaaah.

Okay, so maybe that isn't how the day went down, but I think he did enjoy a popsicle, so that part is true. We had a great day celebrating with Luke and started it with lots of balloons! They were a hit with our little man.

We then upgraded to the balance bike.

Hilarious to watch him "walk" his bike. All of the videos that I thought I was taking of Luke and his balance bike turned out to be just pictures. Dang it. Oh well, video to come.

He was somewhat intimidated by the flame, so I helped him blow out the candle this year. However, he did just fine once the fire hazard was removed.

Happy Birthday Luke!

I had to include this picture, simply because I want to remember it. Bryan stayed up late the night before Luke's birthday to help me blow up balloons and make the house look festive. I asked him to twist the streamers and this was the end result...
It still makes me chuckle. 

Emma-2 months

Time is flying, well, most days! Emma is already 2 months. Her stats are as follows:

Weight: 10 lbs 13 oz.....33rd %tile
Height:  22 3/4 inches...56th &tile

She is still itty-bitty and oh-so-sweet. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go

While visiting family in Utah, Bryan made it up to Idaho to go hunting with his dad, two brothers and a friend. Bryan talks a lot about this certain camping spot (not sure if I can divulge the name of it over the internet). I really liked being able to see pictures of this much beloved area, it is incredible.

Quick game of 'Where's Bryan'???

This man loves his camo. He was wearing it around the house in our record-breaking heat several days before his trip. He is committed. Sadly, Bryan did not come home with meat for the winter. After another round of Luke and hospitals, I was actually convinced that we would need the meat since all of our money is going towards health care with this kid!  Let me explain...

While Bryan was out hunting down animals, I was in Brigham City hunting down ERs and pediatricians to help out Mister Luke. Luke had quite the traumatic weekend with a nasty, NASTY reaction to some diapers. I knew when the doc used the word "impressive" several times to describe the horrific swelling and rash that he saw, he could beat anyone's poker face. I used slightly stronger words to describe what I saw earlier that morning. I'm sure some of you reading this would like to see a picture, too bad WEIRDO, it isn't happening. Making this L-O-N-G story short, he is completely better and back to his energetic-self. Sheesh, it was quite the weekend. I believe Bryan timed it to happen just like it did.  Okay, not really, but I do think I earned a trip to the spa. :)

Icing on the Cake

The last night we were in Utah, we were invited to go boating with some friends up at Mantua Reservoir. This particular reservoir is very picturesque in the setting, but not so much with that actual water. Flash back to THIS (moss, moss, moss!!!). I thought I had sworn off this body of water, but time has a way of healing things...toss me the wakeboard, ski, tube, whatever! 

Gorgeous mountains, right?

It might have been a little chilly. Mandi and I "suited up" for the fun.

Love this shot, ha!

6 adults 
5 kids that were 3-years-old and under
A shockingly GREAT time! :)

Luke is still undecided about his boat ride. Bryan was not complaining about the extra cuddle time with our child who never cuddles!

There is a saying about boats that goes something like this, "The best two days of a boat owner's life are the day you bought the boat and the day you sold the boat." I don't believe that second part could possibly be true, but then again, I have never owned a boat. I just know how much I love boating. I LOVE having fun on the water. Thank you for the invite and a fantastic time, it was the icing on the cake for this trip!

Emma's Blessing

We decided to bless Emma while we were in Utah. Bryan gave her a wonderful blessing. It was nice being able to have family and friends attend our special day with Emma. She has added an enormous amount of love and happiness to our family. Luke is even giving her kisses without prompts...he can also give her "bonks", but we'll focus on the love part. 

4 generations!

All of Emma's grandmas that could make the blessing.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peach Days

Brigham City has an annual celebration of Peach Days and we just happened to be around for it this year! The best thing about Peach Days? The PEACHES, of course! Oh man, they were SOOO good this year! We enjoyed peach shakes, peach pie, peaches and cream, peach waffles, peach everything!

We ran out to the local fruit stand to purchase the peaches. I snapped a few pictures of the other local produce that was available.

Fill it up!

 We skipped out on the parade this year, but made up for it with these peach waffles, my mouth is watering right now just thinking about them!

In the evening hours we headed down for a "SCUBA" burger and strolled through the booths. I say "strolled" like it was relaxing with our 2-year-old, uh, not quite. But we really enjoyed checking out Peach Days, especially the other people attending Peach Days, wowzers.

Enjoying our burgers with my parents and Dave and Gwen's family.

Andrew is such a stud, love this kid.

Emma chillin'.

My cousin's wife, Mandy, did a photo booth as part of her actual booth at Peach Days. We couldn't help ourselves and jumped right in for a little fun. She takes great pics. Her blog is here if you want to check it out.

Next time I need to figure out a way to bring some peaches home!