Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Our neighborhood pool opened up for the summer over the weekend. I decided to swallow my pride, put on a swimsuit, and take my toddler to the pool at almost 8 months prego. I sure do love that kiddo, sheesh. We had a great time while we were there and even ran into a few friends that made it all the more fun. 

Luke pointing out that I should consider a fabulous blue swim cap for his long locks.

Taking a snack break after a solid 10 minutes of hard swimming and splashing.

Looking forward to more days of fun in the sun this summer! Well, Luke can be running around in the hot sun, while I'm in the shade sipping my ice, cold lemonade...yeah, right. :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Bryan had another work conference in Florida last week from Tuesday-Friday. Seeing how much fun he had at his last conference I decided to tag along for a relaxing get away. My parents flew out to stay with Luke for several days, so Bryan and I could enjoy a mini vacay, of sorts, before Emma arrives. (Speaking of Emma, they tentatively scheduled my induction for July 9th...less than two months away!) When we left, there were a few tears shed, but as we arrived at the airport I realized that we had almost 2 hours before we took off, but it didn't matter because I wasn't entertaining a 20-month-old. Yeeeesssss....let the free time begin!

While Bryan was busy meeting important "figures" at his conference, I made myself plenty busy with the following activities...

Laying out at the pool and enjoying my view of palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Outlet shopping, reading some good books, watching a few movies and sleeping. 

When Bryan and his buddy/work partner, Jeff, were done for the day we went out exploring a little more.

Our first night there we saw a Cirque du Soleil show, very cool. I dreamt that night of becoming a trapeze artist or one of the girls that climbs those huge ribbons and swings around...it just looked fun.

On Wednesday night, Bryan surprised me with a few hours at a local spa. That was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. After the spa, I picked up the boys and we headed out to see 'The Avengers'. 

Thursday night we made it down to Universal Studios and toured the "City Walk". We decided that with me being prego, Jeff with a recovering broken hip (no joke) and only 1.5 hours before closing that we would save our pennies for another time when we could enjoy it a little more. It was a gorgeous evening. After dinner we decided to check out the Orlando temple.

The lighting was perfect, hard to capture with a camera phone, but the temple was absolutely beautiful.

We finished the night off with a treat from Haagen-Dazs. It took us a little while to find this place, due to my very poor sense of direction combined with my prego brain, but we persevered. If you're ever wanting to meet your caloric intake in one dessert, try their 'Dulce Split'.  Bryan and I discovered this treat on our honeymoon, but haven't had one since, due to the previously mentioned caloric value. However, this might have been the best part of the evening for this gal...shocker!

We flew home the following morning. I was very happy to see our little man again. I loved my few days of relaxation, but was ready to see Luke. A huge thanks to my parents for not only watching Luke, but building a loft in our garage while we were gone. I'm still not sure how the loft managed to get installed with just my Dad, Mom and Luke around, but ignorance is bliss. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Uncle T and Staci

Last weekend, Tom and Staci came out for a visit. We packed quite a bit into the time that we had with them. On Friday, the boys went fishing and saw a lot of fish, but not so lucky on reeling any lunkers in to shore. 

The gals did a little shopping and pedicures followed by Wicked later that night.  

Saturday we went on a short hike at Roxborough, a small State Park by our home. 

Saturday evening, all of us (minus Luke) went to the Braves vs. Rockies baseball game. We grabbed a treat at "Little Man Ice Cream" before the game.

We were seated along the first base line, so anytime a foul ball was hit, Staci and I were ducking for cover, even if it was heading into the upper deck. It was a good game with lots of scoring. 

We ended the game with an impressive rain/hail storm. Tom is quite the lucky charm when he comes to visit and see a game. I think 3 out of the 4 games he's been to have ended similarly. Although, I do thoroughly enjoy watching the grounds' crew cover the infield, without fail, some dude eats it while trying to roll the tarp out. It might be the highlight of those games for me.

It was a fun weekend! I had a great time with Staci...and it was nice to see Tom, as well. :)

Little video blurp of Luke hangin' out with "Uncle T".

No wonder Luke loves hanging out with the guys so much. Not sure where Luke's pants are...I'm sure it only contributed to his happiness. This kid would love to be a nudist.  

We have since hidden that tricycle from Luke, I cannot keep up Tom's pace with my current prego body.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Emma's Shower

Last week, Christy hosted a baby shower for Emma at her home. Everything was decorated waaaay cute. They even matched the colors that I'm planning for her nursery. It was a great evening spent with friends. I left feeling extremely blessed to have such wonderful friendships.

It was so fun to open up all of these girly gifts...the ruffles, the flowers, the accessories, the dresses and "jeggings"! I love those pants on little girlies, too cute! I can't wait to play "dress-up."

A huge thanks to Christy and everyone else that helped with the shower!