Saturday, February 11, 2012


For the past 8 months I have not updated my header because I refused to pay Google any money for extra storage. The whopping cost of $5/year was just too much for this cheap gal. I even searched online to try and find a way around it. No such luck. Well, as you can see from the above updated header, I finally caved. I'm on a spending spree now, Bryan better freeze the accounts. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Friends and Fondue

When we lived in Broomfield, I went to a fondue night that a lady in our church put on for all of the women in our ward. It was so much fun. When we moved to Castle Rock, I knew that I wanted to try something like that here. She shared with me her experiences of what's flopped and what's worked, her recipes and in general, is my fondue guru.

On Saturday night, we had friends over to enjoy fondue and the evening with us. I did three "stations" of cheese, meats and veggies and desserts. Everyone brings something and it goes a long ways! Also, if someone has a fondue pot, we borrow it for the evening. I didn't get too many pics of the evening and the ones we do have are slightly sub-par, but there is at least some documentation of it!

The only picture I have of the cheese station, my apologies to Steven (and myself) for the picture. We used apples and bread for dipping in the cheese.

I used 3 fondue pots of broth and 1 pot of oil for the meats and veggies.

The dessert table with a chocolate fountain and caramel fondue to dip any of these items in.

We had a wonderful time! It's hard to go wrong with good friends and good food. Happy Fondue-ing!

Lotsa and Lotsa Snow!

Last weekend, our local news channel reported that Castle Rock received 28 inches of snow in a 24 hour period! It was fun to get that much snow, especially since we had nowhere to go. Turn on the fireplace, sip some hot cocoa...and do a ton of house cleaning. :) Luke had a fun time playing in all of this white goodness.

Lookin' snazzy Luke!

He couldn't help himself and had to sample just a little of the white fluffy-ness.

Just Another Day...Well, Almost

On Sunday, Luke took a nasty spill off one of the benches at church. The next day he was still crying anytime we picked him up under his left arm and would occasionally cry out and grab his chest. After consulting one of my favorite resources, Web MD, it looked like he either had a broken collar bone or a terminal illness. I made an appointment with the pediatrician and 2.5 hours later he confirmed the diagnosis of a broken collar bone.

Luke is suppose to wear a sling as it heals. YEAH. RIGHT. Even the doc was like, "I'm required to do this, but it never fits toddlers, and it turns into more of a choking hazard than anything." It's a good thing I really like this doc, because we've been getting a lot of face time lately.

Here is Luke modeling his sling.

 I have a broken what???

"Yeah, well, you should have seen the other guy."

Nothing will slow this little turkey down.

Demonstrating the true effectiveness of the sling.

We expect 1-2 more weeks of the pain. In 4-6 weeks it should be almost healed and by 6-12 months like it never happened. I was telling my sister-in-law about the unfortunate event and she replied that she calls those, "special church blessings."   Can I get an amen??? :)