Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Date Night

We had a great night last weekend. We kicked things off by going to our favorite Indian restaurant, "India's Kitchen," that is only about 15 minutes from where we live. It is so hard to try somewhere different when we find a place that we really like. (I am that person that always orders the same thing.) We even had a coupon to use at dinner, fantastic. I love getting any type of deal. 

After dinner we made our way into Denver for the Brad Paisley concert. Bryan gave me the tickets as a Christmas gift, clever and thoughtful man. Scotty McCreery (American Idol winner) and The Band Perry opened the concert. We were definitely part of the "older" crowd, lots and lots of teenage girls. However, there were still plenty of flannel shirts, real cowboy boots and hats--quite the assortment of people. Country music just has a way of bringing people together. :) About halfway through the concert, I found myself joining in with the teenage girls' excitement when Tim Tebow came out on stage and sang with Brad Paisley. Bryan mentioned that he was "slightly concerned" at that moment. "Nothing to worry about, nothing at all..."


Tim Tebow may be my favorite QB, but Bryan is always my favorite MAN. 
Ahhhh, cute.

P.S. Do you see the "assortment" of people behind us???

Sunday, January 22, 2012

North vs. South

 We knew that when we bought a North-facing home that our Winters would require more shoveling, more salting and more patience waiting for spring to arrive on our side of the street. I don't know that we anticipated this much ice chiseling. We even broke some child labor laws and forced our 16-month-old kid to shovel.
Notice the grass turning green on the other side of the street???  :)

 Keep in mind that we received our last, decent snow storm over two weeks ago. It is a vicious cycle of melting and freezing with the drains "not working how they should." Really? I'm thinking about looking for some ice skates on clearance to buy for next year. We have an entire block (north side only, of course) that could be put to some good use.

Baby Shower

Yesterday I hosted a good friend's baby shower at our home. Whitney is due in the middle of March with a little girl. It was fun to decorate in pink, white and gray! I'm use to blue and green around here! I had a lot of help from many people that made things very quick and easy, thank you! It was a pretty laid back shower, no games, just food, chit-chat and seeing all of those cute little girl things!

The honorary male guest.

Whitney is such a cute prego! We're very excited to meet Baby Girl!

A Few Other Things

We made graham cracker houses with the whole gang a week before Christmas. I love this tradition. I actually didn't end up making a house, but I had a lot of fun watching the other "kids" make theirs and sampling all of the candy!

Yoda's secret Winter lair. (some minor sledding and Christmas lights casualties for the cinnamon bears)

The aftermath.

We took Luke out to "The Farm", where my mom grew up and my grandma Munns still lives there. We found lots of fun things to keep Luke entertained. Let's start with the goats.

Hmm...anything in here???

Disappointed crowd, the bucket is empty.

Bryan adapting to farm life and helping "save" the goat.

Playing with "Moose". I'm telling ya, this boy loves dogs.

We headed over to Logan for an afternoon, mainly to hit up our favorite ice cream place, Charlie's--- YUMMY!

We also found some ducks for Luke to feed. All was going well for about 2 minutes and then Luke decided he wanted to swim with the ducks, problemo. Bryan reassured Luke (amongst a crowd of duck-feeding children and women) that he would take Luke out to "the farm" where my cousins and brother go duck hunting and kill a duck for Luke to pet. UHHH...it's okay folks, my husband is just teasing! (If you read the previous post about the coyote and rabbit, you know that was a horrible cover-up). Aye-yai-yai!!

Ducks, I suggest you stay on this side of the mountain.

I think we found almost every swing for Luke to swing on within a 10 mile radius.

 We went to the Brigham City Museum. I was very impressed with my small hometown. It was very kid friendly and had quite a bit of cool stuff for the older crowd.
Going for a wagon ride. Sadly, this was possibly the last wagon ride this contraption gave. I must have exceeded the weight limit, because we could not get it to start again. Whoopsie!

Checkin' out the gun show.

Luke exploring, managing to find the only room with dirt and loving every second of it.


Bryan and I were able to catch up with quite a few friends and escape for some date nights, including some great tickets to a Jazz game-thanks Dave! Much to the thanks of my mom for watching the little guy. Luke loved playing with grandma. He was definitely spoiled, as every grandchild should be by their grandparents.

Loading up on ice cream.

Okay, we've reached max capacity.

It's blurry, but this picture sums it up. So many things to play and do with grandma, yet such little time.

 Luke's pediatrician told me that with his own children he planned on 4 days of "retraining" for a day with grandparents. According to those calculations, we have about 10 weeks of "retraining" left! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a great time spending Christmas in Utah with family. I think Christmas time will continue to be more fun as Luke becomes older and grasps the idea of Santa Claus and the true meaning of Christmas. So fun to have a little one this time of year.

Christmas Eve dinner consisted of my parents and our little family. The meal was from Maddox, one of our favorite restaurants, with the addition of a pomegranate/sprite cocktail that was delicious.

Christmas morning was fun with Luke. He couldn't believe that I was letting him rip the paper. At first he was a little hesitant, but once he saw that it was fair game, he was quite the machine.

He received a glow-worm/seahorse that lights up and sings to him when he takes his naps and falls asleep at night. At first glance, I though it looked highly disturbing, but Luke LOVES this thing. He will play with it for 30-45 minutes after he wakes up (and sometimes before falling asleep)! It's a miracle worker, no matter how disturbing it might first appear!

Bryan opening his present from me---a guided fishing trip to Flaming Gorge with Captain Kyle. Spoke to Captain Kyle myself, he sounds like one "classy" individual. I have no doubt that he and Bryan will get along just great.

Christmas afternoon Luke's cousins, minus seven cousins that live in Kentucky and Virginia, came over for dinner. These kids are so much fun to be around. Luke loves being around his cousins...and trying to keep up!

Luke found a gift that he thought should belong to him. Madi was kind enough to let Luke walk her dog around. I can't believe that Luke is so into dogs already. He'll be wanting that one for a L-O-N-G time.

Maybe Santa Claus will hear the pleas of a little boy and deliver a puppy in a few years...we'll see!