Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good Morning!

For the most part, Luke wakes up very happy in the morning. There are definitely mornings where I think he should roll over and wake up on the other side of the crib, but generally speaking, he is a happy babe in the early hours. Bryan and I will often elbow each other out of the way when going to get him out of his crib because we LOVE the following faces...

...not a bad way to start the day.


If we had to pick Luke's true love, it could easily be food. This kid is hilarious when it comes to eating solid food. There are times (more often than not) that Bryan and I feel like we can't deliver the food to his mouth fast enough. We decided that maybe the baby-size spoons simply weren't cutting it and we needed to increase his portion size. Bingo, problem solved. 

Bon Appetit!

Mr. Destruct-O

Luke doesn't quite have the crawling thing down yet, but he still manages to get around just fine! I left the room the other day for just a few minutes and when I returned he was very pleased with himself and his accomplishments. I can't help but wonder how long he must "eye" something and then is ecstatic when he finally manages to pull that thing into his possession.


Difficult to recover the magazine after Luke's rampage. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Springtime Hike

Today felt like a beautiful, spring day! We went on a short hike in Castle Wood Canyon to enjoy the weather. The canyon is about 20 minutes from our house and provides easy trails that are perfect for our family. Things are definitely still brown, but I love seeing the buds on trees and bushes signaling that spring is just around the corner. Luke was able to try out his carrier that we purchased last year at a neighborhood garage sale. The pictures speak for themselves. The carrier was a good purchase.

 Bryan has such good memories of spending time in the outdoors with his dad and brothers growing up. He is really hoping that Luke will want to camp, hunt, backpack, etc with him when he gets a little older. I think today felt like those times are getting closer. Luke is changing and growing up so fast! Bryan loved this hike...almost as much as Luke.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6 months old!

 Today is Luke's 6 month mark, his half-birthday. We celebrated by going to the Dr.'s and letting him receive lots and lots of shots. I know, how thoughtful. We did the typical weigh-in and measurements the stats are as follows:

Head:  46 cm, 93 %tile
Height: 27.5 in, 85 %tile
Weight: 18 lbs 14 oz, 76 %tile

Bryan was quite upset about Luke's apparent "plateau" in weight gain. He is planning protein shakes for our child as I type this.  I see the plateau as a direct result of Luke's work out regimen in the johnny-jump-up. He knows that swimsuit season is fast approaching. :) Either way, "plateau-ing" or "off the charts" we're so glad that he is healthy and doing well!

We love Luke's smile...hard to not smile when you have this guy lookin' at you!
(Please pardon the drool-fest, he is working on tooth #2!)

Friday, March 11, 2011

What Luke Loves

Luke has quite the fun personality. He is very quick to let you know if he likes what's going on, or if he doesn't. There is no questioning it with Luke. A few things that he really loves right now:

He loves to hang out with his dad and learn cool new tricks.

He loves to cruise in his car and takes great care to make sure the AC (fan) is pointed at just the right angle to insure his hair remains untouched.

Bryan and I still haven't figured this one out, but he loves to chill upside down. Maybe he is a superhero in the making. 

He loves to give us the "stink eye" if we even pretend that we are going to take away that bottle before he is finished.

Luke loves to just sprawl out and roll around on the floor. It is hard for him to be confined to his car seat or our laps for more than 5 minutes.

 He loves his "johnny-jump-up." So do I.

P.S. There is something that Luke really DOESN'T love...



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bluebird Day

It has been W-A-Y too long since I last visited the ski slopes. Bryan offered me a full day of watching Luke so I could go skiing with my friend, Lindsay. I took him up on that offer before he had time to blink an eye. I realize that I am one very lucky woman; HUGE thanks to Bryan--he is always great to help me get out of the house every now and then to enjoy "me" time.

Lindsay and me at the top of a run with those a-m-a-z-i-n-g Colorado Rockies behind us. (I'm use to having Bryan at my side---hence, the weird "let me put my hand on your elbow")

Making my way down the hill. My outfit was put together by my husband. Bryan gave me the fancy blue pants last year, the skies for our wedding, and the goggles a few Christmases ago...he keeps me in style on the slopes. 

Such a beautiful day.

Book Group, Southern Style

I belong to a neighborhood book group that is quite entertaining---more so than I thought book groups could be. :) We each take turns hosting once a month. We decided it might be fun when you host to make appetizers/treats based upon the book. For example, one month we read Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie so the hostess made a pie. Another month we read The Geography of Bliss, which then the hostess did a chocolate fondue (the author visits Sweden in the book). All of these gals are very clever.

I was quite nervous when my turn to host rolled around. The book that was read on my turn was The Same Kind of Different as Me (side note--really good book). This book was set in the South, so I started brainstorming ideas about what I might cook that would be considered "soul food." The most that I could come up with was some good ol' KFC. I started lamenting to Bryan about my lack of creativity when he mentioned that he works with a guy that could give us some good recommendations.

Enter Fuhari, yes, Fuhari. When Bryan asked Fuhari what he would recommend for me to cook, well, he jumped right on in and told Bryan that he LOVES to cook and would LOVE to come cook for my book club night. Well, when Bryan told me this, I felt like I had won the lottery. JACKPOT!

Bryan and Fuhari arrived at our house around 3:30 the afternoon of book group. The kitchen was suddenly transformed into some type of war zone that I didn't recognize and I started to feel my pulse quicken and eyebrows rising...what's going on??? I thought we were just doing some appetizers. Well, Fuhari is quite the chef and managed to make just about every southern dish I could never dream of (really, I tried, remember KFC?) He made cornbread, mussels, fried catfish, shrimp, chicken, succotash, rice and beans...I mean wowzers! This man cooked for about 5.5 hours straight...he was even cooking all through book group! It definitely went slightly different than planned, but made for one interesting evening with some TRUE southern cookin'.

Bryan attempting to be the "Sous-Chef"...

This is about 5 minutes before showtime, I was a little nervous with how things were going ... I love that Fuhari is giving a peace sign. I think he was trying to tell me to chill out! :) And then, there is my wonderful husband, cleaning and washing dishes like crazy...good man, that or he saw the crazy look in my eye. :)


Bar-b-que chicken

The gals of the Book Group.

Until the next month of hosting...

Friday, March 4, 2011

a FuN DaY!!

Today was my friend's, Whitney's, birthday. Whitney and I became friends last year through our church and then cheering our husbands on at weekly softball games. We found out that we had even more in common when I told her I was expecting Luke in September, she was expecting Parker in November! She is such a fun and sweet person. I am blessed with such great friends in my life.

We ate a yummy place for lunch called "Crave." It had some delicious hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, shakes...I pretty much tried everything! I loved it all!

The happy couple, Cam and Whit, headed out for some fine birthday dining!

We were lucky to have Parker stay with us while his parents went out. He is such a handsome, good baby! Luke was excited to have a friend over to play with and one that spoke his language!

These boys are destined to be friends...In just a few years, I'm sure they'll be on the same T-ball team with Cam as the coach! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Luke's Blog

 I am aware that this blog is quickly becoming the blog of Luke. I think that Luke is more fun to look at than Bryan or I anyway. I'm sure as summer rolls around, we'll be out and about a little more. When that happens, we'll at least have more varying backgrounds for Luke's pictures!

Luke is on the move! He isn't crawling, but he is rolling...all over the place! I think he likes the game "hide and go seek", because he loves to roll under his bouncy and have me find him...

Boo! I see you...gets a giggle out of him, pretty much every time!

We finally upgraded to a "real" bathtub, no more sinks! He has taken nicely to the new tub. He even asked me to bring him a "real" drink the last time he was soaking. (Some people say he is chunky...I just don't see it)

This picture depicts how day-to-day life is around our home. Bryan wearing his hole-filled thermal wear (I think this shirt has been in the family for 20+ years...I can't wait for warmer weather and the disappearance of this shirt).  Luke sporting just his diaper with his button-up shirt and Bryan doing just about anything to get a chuckle out of Luke, me...or both!

Sure do love this "little" guy!