Thursday, February 24, 2011


We spent a week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with our good friends, the Olsens. Darci and I were roommates for a year or two-- back in our "wild and crazy" single days.  We decided that our phone calls and emails just weren't cutting it anymore! We needed to get together, especially somewhere warm! We managed to make this trip happen, even with two babies (huge amount of credit to our husbands). We had a wonderful time...I'm already missing that perfect weather combined with the sound of the ocean (ahhh, long sigh).

The entire gang: Joey, Randli, Darci, me, Bryan and Luke

Luke experiencing the ocean and beach for the first time. He wasn't too sure what to make of all of it.

Unsure of the water and sand, Bryan made sure that Luke still had a good experience. Luke definitely enjoyed playing with his dad on the beach.

The "grown-ups" managed to squeeze in some boogie boarding. Joey was feeling a little under the weather this day, so Bryan became buddies with another friendly guy (flashback to our honeymoon when Bryan  boogie boarded with another older fellow as well). I love that Bryan is outgoing and friendly with practically anyone. 


 Luke liked for ALL of the beach goers to know when he arrived on the beach. We thought that not everyone might enjoy this cheerful greeting. Bryan hauled several chairs for quite the distance to help us (and others) enjoy their time on the beach.

Miss Randli is such a cute, calm baby! She would often cash out in the stroller to the sound of the waves.

Mister Luke is such a handsome (we might be prejudice), active baby! He loved playing in his tent and rolling out of it into the sand.  :)  

Loving the warm weather and ocean.
Randli and Luke were side by side for the entire trip...


We learned that there is vacationing and then vacationing with a baby. Two very different things. Luke did surprise us and slept very well (for the most part) making it feel even more like a true vacation for everyone.

Love these two boys.


Family pic on the beach

 The Olsens


El Mexico.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Visit From Grandma

Bryan was away on business for a few days, so Grandma came to keep Luke and me company. We had a great time shopping, eating, sewing, visiting, etc. Luke loved playing with Grandma. His favorite game was the "disappearing sock." Hard to capture on camera and I'm not smart enough to find the video on Bryan's fancy shmancy camera, so pictures will have to suffice. I think my mom and I were laughing harder than Luke. Such a fun time right now with this little guy.

In other news, Luke has learned how to maximize the surface area of his binki, way to go buddy. :)

Pardon the green peas, we were having too much fun at time time to wipe his face clean...
Thanks for coming out to visit! We love having visitors!

The Mad Scientist

Luke has wild and unruly hair, better phrased, he had wild and unruly hair until yesterday. I waited for the perfect opportunity (found a coupon and an extra pair of hands were available) before making our way to "Snip-Its Haircuts for Kids." When the stylist asked what I wanted done with his hair, I simply replied, "Please remove his comb-over (that mimics Donald Trump's hair all too well) and chop off any left over 'mad scientist' look."

Here are a few of the before shots...

Luke trying to tell the lady, "Take it easy, nothing drastic."

 Almost done, just needing to take a little off the top!
 ***Drum Roll***

 The new do! I think Luke was a little shell-shocked when he saw himself. Lookin' Good!!!

More Peas Please

Luke warmed up to rice cereal after just a few rounds. What can we say, he is like his parents and LOVES to eat. :) We decided to follow up the yummy rice cereal with some delicious peas. After envying my friend's baby food maker, I convinced Bryan that it would be in the best interest of our child if we also bought one. I'll admit--I have wanted this contraption to play around with since day one. It is awesome. This is one of the best items we have bought for "Luke."

 Here it is in all of its glory...steaming butternut squash. It steams and blends all in one with some nifty devices that make it very easy to keep the whole process clean. Oh delightful. Luke can't wait to try out the squash. I can't wait to make something else!

As one may be able to deduce, he loved his least until the last bite.