Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeling Crafty???

These past few weeks I made several crafts to help our house feel a little more loved for Valentine's Day. My neighbor, Elizabeth, had a few things that she wanted to make as well, so we combined our efforts and came out with some pretty decent decor...or so I think. :)

 Fantastic, little ruffled table runner.

Who would have thought that anything made with red felt could turn out decent???

 Heart garland strung across the mantle, probably should have chosen a different ribbon color, oh well! Close enough!

Thanks to Elizabeth for helping me get the motivation to do all of the above!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

4 months

Luke is officially 4 months old! He is still growing so quickly. He continues to be more and more fun. Each stage is a whole new experience! We had our normal check up at the Dr.'s and all is well. Here are the latest stats.

Head:  44.6 cm (96 %tile)
Weight:  17 lbs 13 oz ( 93 %tile)
Height:  26 in (84 %tile)

With the turning of 4 months came the tasting of rice cereal. Luke was more interested in eating his bib than the rice cereal. I can't blame him, the bib probably tasted better!

He started off so confident.

"What was that?!?"

"Please, no more! I'll sleep 20 hours, but please, no more!"

We'll have to try again, but it was definitely entertaining for the parents to watch.

Luke seems to be enjoying bath time a little bit more lately. I'm sure if we bought a bath tub that he actually fit in, he would be loving it. However, how can I pass these moments up???

Happy 4-months to you!

MLK Weekend

Our good friends, Jared and Mandi, were able to come out and visit over the long weekend. We decided to head up to some cabins at Estes Park to enjoy the wintery weekend. The weather wasn't too cooperative, but we enjoyed some great company. There were plenty of games, lots of food and a few late nights---a recipe for some good ol' fashioned fun!

Linds * Stan * Jared * Mandi * Johanna * Laura * Luke (somewhere in there) * Bryan

Our neighbors and good friends...Steven, Elizabeth and Charlie

Luke enjoyed hanging out with "the guys." It must get a little old for him just hanging out with his mom everyday.

Since the weather wasn't the best to go hiking, snowshoeing, or anything outdoors we decided to take a little drive through Rocky Mountain National Park.

We saw plenty of these...

Well, most of us saw the elk. He was a little tuckered out from all the excitement of the weekend. It was a fantastic little get-away.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Just trying out some new settings on the blog. Luke is bored today and wanted to say hello. "Hello"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

CHRISTMAS 2010...and other things

For Christmas this year we decided to go to Boise and Brigham City. I don't think Luke quite caught onto the whole Spirit of Christmas at 3.5 months old, but he definitely added true joy to our Christmas. There were many firsts for us on this trip: first family flight, first Christmas, first time Luke saw Cabelas, and unfortunately, Luke's first ear infection. We found out on Christmas Eve about his ear infection--no one's idea of a good time.
Taking care of sick children has always been my job as a nurse. Taking care of my own sick child is now my job as a mother, and I think that being the mother is much more challenging (and it was only an ear infection, I realize)! I have a deeper empathy for the children and their families that I worked with as a nurse. Speaking of work, I have decided after 7+ years of working full-time as a nurse, it is now time for me to be in the home with Luke. I know this is the right decision for our family at this time. We feel very blessed that I am able to stay home.

Back to Christmas...

Before leaving on our trip we decided to have our own family Christmas. Luke's stocking was full of exciting things like bottles and rattles from Santa..he couldn't believe his eyes. :)

His grandparents knew what he really wanted and took care of him.

Luke loves his new outfits and feels like the true "King of the house" in his new "throne." He doesn't look like a demanding dictator, does he??? Looks may be deceiving... :)

While we were in Boise, we celebrated Bryan's 31st birthday. Bryan's mom made him a carrot cake that was delicious! It seemed to taste exceptionally good for breakfast, I love the holidays!

Bryan's side of the family has a big get-together on Christmas Eve. Yummy food, good company and fun games were all part of the evening.

This "antler" game was very entertaining-I'm not sure how to describe what happened here. However, Aunt Margaret attempts to point out the similarities between her, Rick and the deer in the background. I didn't buy it. :)

Bryan's mom also rounded up some chimes, young and old enjoyed this musical activity. We love Christmas music.

Luke was able to meet his great-grandparents. What a great heritage we are blessed with in our family.

Meeting his cousins, Gracie and Molly. He and Gracie had an impressive staring contest.

Nothing but giggles with cousin Aubrey...the antibiotics had kicked in by this point and he was feeling more like himself again.

Luke loves his Uncle Tom...smiles were easy to come by when Luke was in Tom's arms.

We enjoyed time with our family and also time with just each other. Thanks to both grandmas for watching Luke while Bryan and I got out for a bit!

One last picture, because I've only posted a few, of baby Luke! Thank goodness he is feeling better!!!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!