Friday, December 17, 2010

'Tis The Season

We have been very spoiled by the weather in Colorado lately. We have enjoyed sunny days in the 60s, it has been wonderful! I think that Winter might have decided to arrive finally, but it was so nice while it lasted!
We have looked forward to decorating our home for Christmas and carrying on traditions in our family.

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care..."

"Oh Christmas Tree..."

I bought this tree at a garage sale for dirt-cheap, pre-lit and all! Not too shabby? There might just be one or two shorts in the wires for the lights, so once we found the exact spot, hands off! :)

One tradition that Bryan and I enjoy is that of graham cracker houses.Bryan is very precise in the construction and final touches of his house.

I think that I am still in the mode of "pile as much candy as possible" onto that house!

Luke also participated in the tradition, well, he was at least present.

There is something incredibly special about having Luke in our home. We feel so blessed, particularly this time of year.

3 months!

We can't believe that Luke is already 3 months-old! Well, sometimes it feels like he should be 3 years-old! It is fun to watch him discover the world around him. He seems fond of discovering
more of the night world and manages to wake up several times at night...oh well! Maybe at some point we'll get a little more sleep around here! :)

He assumes his boxer position quite regularly to study these things we call hands. Or, he is trying to get a message across that things aren't going his way... "put up your dukes!"

We took Luke on his first fishing trip. He didn't catch anything, but as you can tell, he was thrilled to be part of the action. We've been practicing the phrase, "Fish On!!!," hopefully on his next fishing trip he will be able to use it.

We needed to take a break from all of the "excitement" of fishing. The sun was out and it was a little bright, so I took matters into my own hands.

"Pretty fly, for a white guy..."

Here are some fun and random pictures of our little man.

"Tummy time"

I'll interpret this smile..."I am 3 months-old and lovin' life!"


It is amazing how a person that is so small can take up such a huge amount of time! Hence, the blog has been neglected lately. I'll need to back track a few weeks in order to catch us up on recent events.

We decided to make the trek to Utah for Thanksgiving by car this year. We evaluated the weather and decided that we could make it before the storm would hit...we were wrong. We made it about 15 miles outside of Evanston, Wyoming when the white wall of snow was upon us. The majority of semi-trucks were pulled off on the shoulder placing chains on their tires. We knew we were in trouble as we inched along in our Accord . Our suspicions were confirmed when we saw the sign on the freeway informing us that I-80 was closed, bummers! Who wouldn't want to spend a luxurious night in Evanston with a 2-month-old??? As Bryan pointed out, we made it to India in better time (no exaggeration). However, once we made it to Utah, it was well worth it. We were excited for Luke to meet more of our family and friends.

Cousins Sydney and Madi gave Luke plenty of attention, and he loved it...

We even had a sign on the door, letting us know which room was ours, or correction, which room belonged t0 Luke.

At times, things were a little crazy with all of us (23!) in my parents house. However, my dad was able to find his own serenity.

Luke was also able to find his own quiet time amongst all of the holiday happenings...

As part of the Thanksgiving festivities we brushed up on some bowling skills at the local bowling alley. Dan was also brushing up on his turkey trot dance, in anticipation of obtaining three strikes in a row.

Sad to say, no additional turkeys at the bowling alley, but Bryan did manage to make the "Today's High Score" board. He felt like "the man" and attempted to show his competitive edge in the picture below.

It was a great Thanksgiving. We were glad that we could make it (to Utah and back home!) ...probably our first and last winter road trip with a baby. :)