Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When we went to South Dakota a few months ago I mentioned our friend Dorito, the donkey. Mandy captured the friendliness of Dorito with a short video clip. You can click HERE if you would like a little chuckle. :)

Friday, July 2, 2010


At the end of June we made it to Kauai to celebrate our "babymoon," one last get away for just the two of us until...hmm..well, I guess that is why we went! I think our carefree days of traveling might be slightly more numbered in a few months! I absolutely loved Kauai. We found adventures, beautiful places, romantic beaches and delicious food (I'm prego-I have to include something about the yummy food!).

A rope swing that enticed anyone that found it. Bryan demonstrated his Tarzan skills in the jungles of Kauai. I have to admit, I was a little sad that I had to sit this one out.

Our favorite hike of this trip was the Nepali Coast Trail (Kalalua Trail). The majority of the Nepali Coast can only be seen by taking a helicopter/boat tour or hiking it. Maybe that is why it stays beautiful. We only did the first 2 miles of the 11 mile trail, but still enjoyed what we did see. Hopefully, we'll be able to return and do the full trail at some point in the future. The views that this hike offered were amazing.

On the trail, we overlooked one of our favorite beaches, Ke'e. We saw nearly a dozen sea turtles when we snorkeled there!

The Nepali Coast

The turn-around point was Hanakapaia Beach. As picturesque as it appears, one could easily be deceived by the dangerous tides, refer to the picture after this one.

We stayed nice and dry at this beach, not wanting to become another mark on the board.

We found the hike below in the "adventures" section of our guide book. It was quite the hike, can you spot my hand below? The trail was a little rough and thick in places. The best part of the hike was when we reached the look out spot and realized the view from our car, 2+ miles back, was better than our current view-awesome. There were some laughs about this one, just not in that particular moment.

We were slightly unprepared for that demanding trail-my flip flops didn't quite cut it and my poor feet suffered. Time to find the beaches and waterfalls... :)

Some of our favorite waterfalls and beaches...

Hideaway Beach

Wailua Falls

Donkey Beach

I am sure that there are some of you that are curious how being pregnant and lying on the beaches go together. Let me show you what it looks like...I would be the one laying on a towel. :)

While there, we ate quite a bit of fish. I'm sure I ate more than my allotted 12 oz, but I think that baby boy understands and he enjoyed it as well.

The absolute best fish wrap (and biggest-maybe they go hand in hand) I've ever laid my hands on.

A nice, romantic dinner...

I realize that this post is quite lengthy. I had a hard time cutting things out! It was a wonderful week that we spent together. Our last day there we took a helicopter tour. Bryan thought the only thing missing on our helicopter were some guns...almost the complete vacation. As we made our way out to the helicopter, I couldn't stop singing the M*A*S*H theme song. I was maybe a little over excited. However, I was also quite nervous that between my pregnant body and being prone to motion sickness I might not be able to enjoy the ride or views. Bryan teases me that I get sick when he backs out of the driveway--just sometimes. Needless to say, I was relieved that I didn't have to use the "aloha bag" while enjoying our view of the island.

I'll leave this post with pictures that Bryan snapped from the helicopter. I'm very appreciative of his photography skills and his ability to capture the beauty we saw.

Nepali Coast

Nepali Coast, couldn't get enough of this place!

Recognize this waterfall? Hint: Jurassic Park.

Leaving Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Aloha Kauai.